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A personal, from-the-heart message from Kevin Wilke.

Has your "Big Break" eluded you up until now?

If so, read this page carefully - it is NOT a sales pitch - rather a very unique way for us to pay YOU money while you are learning everything we know about making money online.

We are looking for a select handful of people that have potential (but just haven't gotten their "big break") to work with on a personal basis for some very exciting projects that we have coming up.    Read on to see what could be in store for you.

What if you already have a little (or a lot) of success under your belt? Perfect, we also have some projects ($100k+ a year) that would be a perfect fit for you as well so please submit your own application today.

Dear Friend,

It was, by FAR, the best business decision I have ever made... and, get this, I was going to turn it down because I was too blind to see the forest for all the trees!!

Luckily, I wasn't a total knucklehead, and I didn't turn it down after all. That decision literally changed my life - setting me on the path to prosperity, massive success and financial freedom.

That decision has allowed me to go from being completely broke - hoping I had enough money to buy groceries that week (if you count ramen noodles and bologna sandwiches as "groceries") to living the life I have always dreamed about - waking up when I want, working when I want, buying my dream home, having a multi-million dollar business, the works!

What was the decision, and what in the world does this have to do with you?

First, it has EVERYTHING to do with you if you are thinking to yourself right now, "If only I could catch a break sometime, if somebody would work with me because they are genuinely interested in helping me finally experience the success I want to have but just haven't been able to put all of the pieces together to achieve yet."

You see, just a few short years ago I was in your shoes.  I had a small newsletter list, making about $100 a month in affiliate commissions, and working as many spare hours in the day that I could, to figure out how I could cash in on the Internet money machine.

I knew all the theory HOW to make money, but I just couldn't take it to the next step and apply that information to make it work, does that sound familiar? It's like having all the ingredients to a mouth-watering-good cake but not being able to figure out the exact recipe to actually make it and enjoy it!

I knew that I was going to need a mentor, someone who could give me a "leg-up" - a RUNNING START.  SO... I began sending several emails (ok, maybe several dozen emails) to the owner of the website from which I had been receiving regular affiliate checks ($50 to $100 checks) - with suggestions how he could make his website and affiliate program better (because I wanted bigger checks).  I was privately hoping to impress him in hopes that I could get a bigger commission percentage.  Finally, he got back to me - but it wasn't what I expected  - he said he was working on other projects and was planning on taking the site down!  

BUT, he said if I was willing to put some serious time and effort into it, he would keep it running. He saw a spark of potential in me and my ideas, and he asked me if I wanted to manage the affiliate program for a piece of the action (a commission for every sale the site did).   He said he figured it would turn into an immediate $500 a month income for me and, depending on how much time I spent on it, could easily get into the $3000 to $5000 a month range.

Of course I jumped at the opportunity, right?

Nope, like an idiot I was too focused on "other projects" that were making me a big fat nothing.  So, here I was "thinking about it" for a few days, that turned into several weeks to a month... and I was STILL in the same exact position I was before.... THINGS HAD TO CHANGE!

Finally, after consistent nudging, I decided to just do it.

Once I decided to do it, I was a man on a mission. All of a sudden, I had all of the pieces of the Internet puzzle laying in front of me and it was already put together.  Website, great product, great content, affiliate program with affiliates, order processing, and most importantly, SOMEBODY TO FALL BACK ON for counsel - I had a great set-up!

Over the next year and a half I tripled the sales at that site to over $15,000 a month and went from no newsletter to over 30,000 subscribers (that also brought in over $2000 a month in automated commission checks for other products.)   I had learned, first hand, how to make money online - it was fun and simple.

During that period, due to the conducive atmosphere I was working in, I was able to finally turn all of this potential that I had penned up inside of me into tangible results!  For example, I pioneered several marketing techniques that are standard practice on the Internet now- including implementing the 7-part email courses for lead generation (at our site, and for our affiliates) that were proven to convert high numbers of leads into sales, among many other accomplishments that I don't have time to go into now (this is about you and the opportunity YOU have to do what I did, and even better!)

Plus, I was able to build many great relationships with affiliates and joint venture partners that have become extremely lucrative to me over the years as I ventured out into other projects.

Then, when I decided to go out on my own with the experience and confidence I had built up, the very next project I took on resulted in $60,000 in sales the first month - and $100,000 the first 6 weeks. Those incredible results - and the impact on my pocketbook - were only possible by learning the ropes on that first project. And as they say, the rest is history....

So what does all of this mean to you?

Because of my background, I have a strong bond with and desire to help people who are in my shoes - have the desire, knowledge and ability to make money online, but just haven't received that "big break" that is so critical to achieving what is inside you.

That is why myself, and my business partner, Matt Gill, want to work with YOU to literally MAKE your "Big Break" happen for you! You may never have this Golden Opportunity again.  

This is not some gimmick. We really do want to pay you money (possibly large sums of money) for working on some of our special projects... and at the same time you will working personally with us, learning what we know and do every day and meeting and working with our contacts.... tapping into our resources to make things happen.  

What are we doing, and more importantly, how do you fit in?

We have started a new program in 2003 where we are looking for a small handful of sharp people to partner with to launch some really exciting projects.

You would be responsible for running most of the day-to-day operations and also marketing of the site - as well as being involved in all important decisions. Best of all you will get a piece of all of the action. The more successful the site is, the more money you make... while receiving hands-on experience, learning our scientific formula for creating winning projects again and again, and of course, we pay you for doing this - hopefully a LOT!

Then you also have to consider the valuable experience you learn, confidence you build up, and contacts you will have and can use for your own websites and business ventures down the road.  This is your chance to get some skins on the wall... some success under your belt!

Currently some of our past "project partners" are making from $1,000 to over $10,000 a month right now. By the end of 2004 we want to be paying out over $200,000 a month to the various people working with us on projects - would you like a piece of that?

If you've been salivating at the mouth and thinking, "There can't be anyone more suited for this than ME!" then we want to hear from you right now -  so please fill out the form below IF and, ONLY IF........

Do you fit this description?

  • You are a hard worker and not somebody that sits at your computer and surfs around LOOKING at stuff all day so you can avoid actually working...

  • You are dedicated to making the project a success whatever it takes. It might take several weeks or even a month or more before the project gets off the ground. And maybe a month, 3 months, 6 months or a year before you are making big money from the project. So do you have the patience and long-term dedication to make it work?

  • You are coachable and are willing to learn and grow, instead of acting like you already know everything.

  • You can turn action items into tangible results and can take a concept and follow instructions to work the details out on your own. You will be given a lot of free reign on these projects, if you are organized and have a good work ethic you can thrive in this environment. If you are stubborn, hard headed and lazy then you will fail, period.

  • You can follow a detailed action plan, but also think for yourself. We will be working with you, but also expect you to bring something to this partnership other than a "warm body". We want to work with serious people who know a great opportunity when they see it, and can make things happen when given a game plan for success.

If you are interested, fill out the form below.

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We Respect Your Email Privacy!

Definitely don't put this off for a another day. We are only looking to work with a small group of people (4 or maybe 5) and once those spots are filled we will only take on more people as we come out with more projects - it might be months before we offer this again.

Best Regards,

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill
Co-Founders, NitroMarketing.com

Here it is the second week of the month and in the mail today I got this month's commission check from that very first deal that I learned the ropes from. It is almost 5 years later and I am still getting a check every month. I love the Internet!!


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