Why So Many Internet Businesses Fail

Did you know the #1 reason why most online businesses fail is because their sales copy does not convert?

Seems pretty obvious if you think about it. If you can't write persuasive sales copy, you'll always struggle to make a profit.

If your sales copy converts at half that of your competitors – you're forced to pay twice as much money to gain a customer.

That's why smart entrepreneurs are rushing to http://www.onehundredpercentresponse.com to get their hands on one of the 500 rare, limited edition copies of the historic sales letter that pulled a 100% conversion. (no, that's not a typo – every single person who received that letter responded with cold hard cash)

Most people struggle to get even a 1% conversion!

Imagine if you use the time tested copywriting principles taught in this training and *only* double your conversion rate – you just got a 2x pay raise! (how often do you get to tell your friends you doubled your paycheck in less than one day?)

Successful business owners agree, copywriting is the #1 skill to have if you want to be successful in ANY business.

Better grab your copy now before they're all gone.

Go to http://www.onehundredpercentresponse.com

P.S. – Some people may think this letter does them no good because it was written so long ago. But the exact opposite is true – great copywriting stands the test of time. Despite the technological advances made over the past 30 or 40 years, human psychology has not changed. The greatest copywriters of all time knew how to appeal to this psychology, and now you have the chance to learn these skills as well.

As a matter of fact, everyone who gets a hold of this letter and reads it wants to pay money for
what's offered….TODAY! (almost a century later!)

However, the offer is no longer valid.

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