What's in Your Twitter?

So you're a social marketer. You have your own blog, you're a proud member of "digg-nation" and you even Twitter…but where's all the traffic?

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Let's face it…twitter is addictive. It's so much fun that you probably make a half-dozen posts a day without even trying. But if you want to use it to create traffic and sales then you must stop posting random notes about your daily routine and start using it as a way to communicate your marketing message to top prospects.

No, that doesn't mean you should start spamming all your twitter friends with a blatant sales pitch…far from it. Twitter is not a banner-ad network and the people who follow you will not tolerate "ads".

But just because twitter readers are accustom to receiving short, pithy updates about everyday life, that doesn’t mean they want to know about the baloney sandwich you just ate. There’s a line between interesting and personal, for Twitter to be a useful marketing tool you must stay on topic and on message. Every single post you write must work towards the overall goal of building rapport, establishing creditability, and driving people back to your blog or website to get more information.

If you lose sight of this, your posts will be ineffective and your readers will quickly abandon you.

So how do you find the balance between personal and profitable? Well, as a marketer, things you should be sharing on Twitter are:

  • Updates on marketing projects you’re working on: “Just finished the final chapter of my new ebook…it goes on sale tomorrow” or “Only 3 copies left…this baby is almost sold out for good.”
  • Customer testimonials: “Jan Thomas just used my system to beat her speeding ticket – good job Jan” or “Tommy Thompson just made $15,000 using what I taught him in last week’s seminar – see the full results here”
  • Case studies: “I just wrote up the details of exactly how Mikey Myers set the new World’s Record”
  • Blog posts you made: “I just made a great post about…”
  • Blog posts you read: “I just read a great post about…” (linked to a summary on your own blog with a trackback to the full article).
  • Tips and ideas you just came up with: “I just thought of a great new way to cook chicken…”
  • Places you’re going to be speaking at in person: “Just agreed to speak at the seminar in Los Angeles next weekend (get your tickets now)” or “Just finished my presentation in Los Angeles, it was great…get a copy of the recording now at…”. Or, “Just had a great dinner with my friend and mentor, Johnny Smith here at the seminar, I’m so glad I came, wish you were here!”
  • Teleseminars or webinars you’re giving: “Speaking with Mikey tonight about my new system, the call in details are:…” or “What a great call that was, get the recording now at…”
  • Teleseminars or webinars you’re attending: “Listening to Ed and Eddy talk about….get the call in details on my blog”. Or, “Listening to the recording of last night's call…Matt is too funny, get a copy of the recording on my blog”.
  • Books you are reading: “Reading: Waiting for My Cat to Bark (see my notes from chapter 1).”
  • Things you read or saw that were interesting: “Just saw Simon in Whole Foods, maybe he was there to buy some of my yummy all-natural tomato basil pasta sauce”.
  • Websites you are visiting: “Reading the recap of last night’s big game, not good…looks like they need some of my energy boosting vitamin drink.”
  • People you are talking to: “Meeting with the bank about taking this thing public”.
  • Things to get feedback from readers like polls or contests or trivia: “Just posted today’s trivia question, the first right answer gets a free copy of my new home-study course”
  • Affiliate products you are reviewing (using your affiliate link): “Just got a FedEx delivery…I’ve only gone through the first 5 pages and I’m already amazed” or “Wow…while reviewing this product I discovered…” or “everybody’s talking about this thing, but I don’t like it, this other thing is much better”.
  • Blog posts you are making, guest blogs you contribute to, articles you are syndicating, interviews that you are doing, any other content you are writing or sharing elsewhere: “Just wrote an article for this blog” or “Just posted my favorite article this week here…” or “Just got interviewed by Danny Dannon…I can’t believe he asked about the monkey”.
  • Social sites you’re active on or forum threads you’re posting about: “Chillin out on Facebook…join me now by clicking here…” or “Just logged on to Forum.com, someone actually said…”
  • Articles you are Digging…so people can go Digg what you are Digging too: “Just Dugg this great article about re-growing your own teeth (see all my Diggs from today right here).”
  • Blog posts you are commenting on: “Left my 2-cents about what just happened at blog.com…I can’t believe they did that without telling anyone.”
  • Updates for Affiliates: “Just posted the top 10 affiliate result for the promotion” or “Just delivered the new 2008 Hummer to our top affiliate, Robbie Robins” or “Just launched phase 2 – now’s the time to start sending out those pre-written emails to your list”.

Hopefully these ideas will help you get started effectively microblogging. It may be a little scary at first to share this much information about your life with the general public, but after you get the hang of it, I’m sure you’ll find it really quite fun.

Just remember that every post should link back to your site and always share something interesting about your marketing…you want it to be something so good that people will stop everything they are doing and click on your link, right now.


– Dearl Miller
Editor, Trafficology.com

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