Want To Make Money Online Fast?

If making money online is of interest to you, then the free Speed Money Tactics trainings could be the perfect place to start.

As the name implies, their free training series will teach you several tactics for making money online fast.

I just listened to the replay from last night's training, and learned a lot of valuable information from it. In the first few minutes, Sylvie Fortin of workaholics4hire.com shared a speed money tactic that requires zero investment and is applicable to anyone, no matter their experience level. She currently has systems in place using this exact tactic that generate $3,000 to $5,000 a month, and they haven't been touched in years.

The next tactic was a "make money while learning" tip revealed by expert copywriter Michel Fortin. He shared specific techniques for taking someone else's product that is already doing pretty well – and by following his tips, sell more of that product that any other affiliates are. He has personal experience with this tactic and has made quick money from doing it.

Next, Sylvie shared a key tip that can be used to make money right away, as well as continue to make money for years to come.

After that, Michel Fortin gave a very surprising and informative answer to the question "are salesletters dead"? (Hint: It depends on your market) Having a customized sales letter for your market and each person who visits your website becomes necessary for achieving phenomenal results.

Long gone are the days where you can simply model one of Frank Kern's salesletters or John Reese's salesletters and expect it to get great results with your product. You'll learn about a software that will automatically customize your sales letter for each visitor that comes to your website.

Next, strategies for outsourcing are shared. Most people think they know how to outsource, but in reality they do not and end up making a lot of mistakes. Her first suggestion is to stop using the word outsource. Too many people are preaching outsourcing incorrectly. It's important to understand the process. Several valuable tips for successfully outsourcing are then given.

Do you know what your market wants? Too many of us jump to conclusions about our market, and assume we know what they want. Once you truly know what your market wants (and why), everything else becomes simple. Success is guaranteed. Yet another one of the valuable pieces of information shared in the training call is how to figure out exactly who your target audience is and what they want.

Another problem too many people have is changing focus constantly and never getting anywhere. They're not making logical decisions. They make an emotional decision based on what other people are doing.

If you try to copy something without knowing the logic that went into building that site a certain way for that particular market, you're dooming yourself to failure. The solution to this problem is shared.

Recap of all the information taught in the first training call:

  • How the speed money tactics you'll use will be different depending on where you currently are in your business.
  • 2 speed money tactics that anyone can use to make money quickly, including one that will have you making money while you learn.
  • What you should do to generate money immediately and have that also continue to make money for years to come
  • How to create the right kind of salesletter that will be right for your market
  • How to outsource effectively
  • Avoiding the cookie cutter method
  • How to look at your tasks from a freelancer's point of view, so you can write effective project descriptions when hiring someone and get the best possible results.
  • Michel Fortin ends the call by telling you what the difference is between those who make a little bit of money online and those who make millions.

I highly recommend registering for this training and getting all 12 of the Speed Money Tactics while they are available.

Sign up to hear this call and all future free speed money tactics calls at http://speedmoneytactics.com

Best Regards,
Matt Gill


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