True or False: Google KNOWS when you're having lunch…?

Perhaps a better questions would be, can you train Google to show up at lunchtime EVERYDAY to your blog so it gets indexed immediately?

The answer is a resounding "TRUE".

In the new Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 bonus interview, David Ledoux tells how Google indexes his blog posts within hours of him writing, everyday around lunchtime. He explains everything in detail.

How can you do it?

"By becoming a recognized authority in your niche".

That's easier said than done, but how can you make Google think you ARE an authority in your niche?

Google doesn’t only keep track of how often you post on your blog with useful content. It also keeps track of how long each visitor stays on your site once he or she finds it. If they stay long enough, and don't immediately click the 'Back' button on their browsers, Google will love you.

It's simple as that.

A great way to do this is to add a video to your blog posts, or completely turn your blog into a “video blog”. This will increase the time people stay on your blog for two reasons.

One, people can’t “skim” through a video like they can through text. They have to let the entire video play out to get the full content out of it. And two, they can’t control the speed of the video so you can keep them glued to your blog for as long as the video plays.

Keep in mind though, you don’t want to make your videos too long otherwise people won’t stay. A short 5 to 10 minute video is much more effective in keeping their attention than a 30 minute or one hour video.

If you want to give the highest amount of value to your readers, include audio and text on your blog as well. Not everyone is going to want to watch, read, or listen. By giving them more than one mode of taking in content, they’re more likely to spend more time on your blog.

What’s amazing is that once you do this, you'll start getting traffic through the search engines that you won't be able to turn off even if you tried.

Google will come check out your content everyday at the same time, whether you're having lunch, dinner, watching TV, sleeping, or out of the house.

It WILL intrude, and you WILL benefit from it.

To learn how one blogger gets up to 10,000 visitors a month to his blog using Web 2.0 strategies, you can get the newest bonus offer we’ve included in our Hypnotic Marketing 2.0 package.

Viva la blogging!

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