The REAL Way To Use Articles To Generate Traffic

Article marketing is no longer an overnight success like it used to be. After all, what is?

Don’t worry, it’s still a very effective way to market and get hordes of free leads for your business. But Christopher Knight of wrote a series on how to properly use articles to drive traffic, and how it’s all changed.

Here is what he says:

"Ten years ago, if you were doing this strategy, a dozen to 20 articles was all that you needed to get all kinds of traffic from your investment in this strategy. Today, you need 200+ articles to begin to get the same return…

10, 100 or 1,000 articles may not cut it any more. You need thousands of quality original articles that work for you, 24 hours a day. Time to think bigger."

In other words, crank it up and take massive article writing action!

It may seem overwhelming, but it can be done in a very systematic manner that won’t take up much of your time. The only things required are persistence and PATIENCE.

So there are two options…

One is to write just a handful of articles (10 to 20) and submit each of them to dozens of article directories everyday.

The second option is to write hundreds of articles over time (2 or 3 everyday) and submit them to just a few directories daily.

For the first option (writing a small number of articles and using many directories), you’ll probably want to use article submission software. It makes it much easier to submit to several directories at once by automating the entire process.

There are a few good ones out there, such as Article Submitter and Article Announcer.

But from my experience, and from Christopher Knight’s suggestion, the second option will be your best option. It’s better to write hundreds of articles over time, and submit them to 3 to 4 directories that you know work best.

This will require consistent action, and some testing to see which directories are the most effective for you. If you’re going after popular keywords, it’s going to be highly competitive so you must be aggressive!

Here’s a way to short cut the process and get highly ranked in the search engine results.

Do a keyword research on your topic, and find the keywords that people are typing in everyday, but that are less competitive than other popular keywords. Look for keywords that show “buying” signals.

Keywords that have the terms “ebook”, “information”, or “how to” indicate that people are looking for your topic to spend money. Bingo!

Launch 25 to 50 articles with those keywords written in your titles and body of content. Submit them to 3 to 5 directories daily.

50 articles x 5 directories = 250 articles in circulation!

This is very possible to do. Create a routine and plan out your articles with topics and headlines. I suggest writing 2 to 4 everyday, and consider outsourcing some of them.

Eventually, you’ll have thousands of articles floating all over the net driving you tons of traffic everyday…

And it will cost you zero $.

– Shiraz

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