The Myth And Truth To Being Successful Online

The Internet Marketing Dirty Laundry report, although controversial, was received as an overwhelming breath of fresh air based on your surge of comments on this.

Now, what I am about to share with you today in Lesson #9 is going one step further down the road of "telling it like it is".

And I am a bit nervous what the response will be to this message.

The Myth vs. The Truth

The Myth:

Some marketers of systems have the very false belief that people don't want to work, and are lazy, stupid dunces that want to sit on the couch, watching Jerry Springer while your bank account magically grows with money due to some secret
silver bullet.

And that belief of selling to the lowest common denominator has proven to be very successful over the years for those marketers' bank accounts. But it is my opinion that their belief sets you, the user of that system, up for failure and I choose NOT to accept it.

Here's why.

If you buy into that belief, then you are sold by the marketer what the "lazy, stupid dunces that want to sit on the couch, watching Jerry Springer while your bank account magically grows with money due to some secret silver bullet" person would buy.

Even though…

(A) The person selling it actually worked their butt off to get to where they are at (the exact opposite of what they promise). And usually they got there by doing things completely differently from what they try to teach you to do.


(B) What they teach would NEVER work if you were the "lazy, stupid dunces that want to sit on the couch, watching jerry springer while your bank account magically grows with money due to some secret silver bullet" because no matter what they say it still requires work and learning and gaining new experiences and skills to see the desired results.

And even if you are not that person, it most likely would not work for you because of all the reasons I talked about in the Dirty Laundry Report… the major problems with what a lot of people are trying to sell as "systems".

The Truth:

You ARE willing to work, even work long and hard, if you truly believe that work will pay off and provide you the results you emotionally want.

But there is an IF in there (and its a BIG if!)

If you are open to digging in deeper, then let's look at the items that come after that "if" qualifier because that is where the secret to your success lies.

Sound good to you?

First is: "results you emotionally want".

This is where it starts. If you are not emotionally committed to get the results you want (one of my mentors calls it a Core Desire in his best selling book The DNA Of Success) then the obstacles you WILL encounter WILL stop you.

If your desire to get that result is a 70 on a scale of 1 to 100, you will go along quite fine until you reach an obstacle at a level of 71.

Have you ever become stuck trying to do something you were mildly interested in and the only solution was to give up and quit? This is a big reason why that happens. Your 70 level "want" lost out badly to the "90" level obstacle.

That is why the first part of the Nitro Blueprint System course gives you the most effective
method I have discovered (by far) to find and tap into your "emotional want". It has been
proven to work for the most analytical engineers to the most free-spirited souls.

And then, strategically throughout the Blueprint, it helps you build upon that emotional want so it is a strong 100 on your scale. And it also reduces the roadblocks so instead of them being 80's and 90's, they are 30's and 40's.

I have even given you a small 20 minute taste of these "builders and reducers" in the first 3
video lessons you have received so far in this series, so that you could experience a small
piece of it for yourself.

I hope you have found them helpful.

I can honestly say I am unaware of any online business system that even addresses this part
within their training.

And in my opinion, based on real life experience and observations, that sets you up for failure
before you even get started.

I'm sure you know that is true.

Its very tough to succeed if you are not even given a chance to begin with.

Then, the second part of that key statement is "truly believe it will work".

It is my opinion, again based on real life experience and observation, that once you truly
believe something will work, you also mentally make the commitment to follow through and do the work.

Would you agree that is true in your own life?

If you believe you can climb a 15 foot ladder, even though you are scared of heights, you will still
follow through and climb the ladder regardless of the fear or uncertainty you have.

But if you do not believe it is possible for you to do it (in this case because of your fear) then you
will not climb that ladder. You might make it up a couple steps but you will be permanently stuck on
the second or third step because you never believed it was possible for you.

So what happens? Why is it like this?

One, you don't see The Big Picture of what you are doing.

You don't know:

* how all the pieces fit together
* what is the actual step-by-step process to follow
* what are the steps and in what order do they come
* and that you will be given the training you need
to follow through and see results.

And that leaves you with the belief that it may not, probably not, or even will not work for you.

That's the exact opposite belief that is required!

So you are only left with…


Hope is a VERY powerful emotion.

Hope is what allowed me to keep moving forward in my early years online even though I experienced painful failure after humiliating failure.

…from living off of ramen noodles and bologna sandwiches (with the McDonalds $1 value menu
and a "middle of the room" video rental as my 1 weekend night "living the good life" entertainment.)

…from having my first 3 sites being total failures.

…from making what now are obviously bone-headed mistakes that cost me thousands of precious dollars, but at the time I never knew any better because I had nobody to tell me any better.

I was fortunate, my hope was so strong it carried me through all the trial and error and failure I
encountered in the beginning. That's because there was no system for starting, launching and growing a successful online business, nor any people to guide me, when I was getting started in the mid 1990's.

I was on my own, left to fend for myself with only hope on my side.

But "hoping" that your level of hope is high enough to carry you forward through all the crap out there is NOT what I recommend.

There is a better way!

The reason we are giving you so much information (more accurately: complete and usable information) for free, is to give you TRUE value first.

To give you information you can put to use and SEE results and start to positively change your life and results immediately.

But to also give you the belief and confidence so you CAN "truly believe it will work for you".

Or, at least hope it will work for you. Then, as the results do come to you as you start going
through and using the Nitro Blueprint System, that hope does change to truly believing.

In the end, I am both curious and nervous how this social experiment will turn out.

There are only two outcomes to this social experiment…

(1) Will our belief that people are fundamentally good and you not only WANT to hear the truth but also if told the truth you will follow through on it?

(2) Or will the belief that people are fundamentally, for lack of a better word, "bad" and
marketers have to play at and appeal to the lowest level of people, even if it's not in your best
interest (and actually it's only in the marketers' best interest, at the expense of your success)?

We'll see.

The gauntlet is now laid down, and I hereby proclaim there is a NEW STANDARD for Internet business training.

Results, not promises.

Completeness, not just part of the puzzle.

Truth, not hype.

Many people would never dare to tell you that they actually failed in the beginning.

But why hide the truth?

Yes, my first 3 sites, dating back to 1996, were complete failures.

Like I said in Lesson #1: Today, if you choose the new path – whatever that new path means to you, is the worst it will ever be.

You may have failed in the past, just like I failed in my past due to my lack of a system to follow back then.

But it was my and now your choice to keep searching for and choosing that new path that allows us to get to where we want to go and not remain stuck where we are now.

It is my personal desire to help you avoid my pain and suffering I experienced while floundering around, failing 3 times.

That pain, suffering and floundering around was due to a lack of a proven system to follow. So now it is time for us to give you our proven blueprint system if you choose to accept it.

The next step is for you to review the new information-packed video about The Nitro Blueprint System that I've posted for you at the top of this page:

If you didn't have a plan for creating a full-time online income in 2008…you do now.

– Kevin Wilke

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10 Responses to The Myth And Truth To Being Successful Online
  1. I acn't find any fault with the pdf file or what you have said. I have three products ready to go that way over deliver on anything I have ever seen on the Internet.

    Real business guides for real businesses. I have come to the conclusion thet it is like the movie a few good men. People do not want to know the truth and I am clueless how to overcome that

  2. The truth will out

  3. My intense belief in the success of my new business (100% belief), partnered with my intense desire to bring forward this initiative (100% desire)has resulted in my "dream business" becoming a reality.
    I am a single mother, working part-time in the IT industry and for the last 12 months have been solidly planning the creation and marketing of my business. I am due to open for trading in about 1 month.
    Before I had this business idea, I failed at 3 other businesses! I was left with a sour taste and a fear that I could not do it, although deep down I knew I could if I wanted it bad enough. And that was the key! My deep love for my daughter, coupled with my desire to provide an amazing life for her created in me a drive to never stop until I reach the top!
    You must believe – and never give up on searching for and sharing truths and wisdom.
    I am a believer!!

  4. And for those who don't believe…check out my website!

    Who said single mum's can't do it?!?

  5. I have been working on line since late 1998 and there has not been any big, overnight success. It has just been a gradual building of relationships.

    Last year, I purchased one of the overnight, make a lot of money programs, and it not only didn't make me any money, it crashed my computer.

  6. A lot of the claims out there are not true. They are merely myths used to squeeze money out of the un-awaring newbies, and that really sucks!

    Easy, quick, truckloads of money over night… these are some popular myths which are claimed by the so-called gurus… but in reality… is it THAT easy, quick, and possible to make truckloads of money over night?

    Iguana Knight
    Discover 12 Myths Of Internet Business Today!

  7. Running a successful online business is a LOT of work, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!! Plus there a SO many things to remember and do! From blogging, forums, article marketing, social bookmarking, ezine ads, SEO, and on and on…. it virtually never stops. But you have to be committed, believe in yourself, and have a huge amount of faith. And you have to ignore all the 'guru' newsletters you might have subscribed to that are trying to distract you into buying their latest moneymaking scheme. Stay focused and on target, and you will succeeed! It just won't happen overnight while sitting on your duff!!

  8. Hey Kevin,

    You've hit the nail on the head as far as belief systems.

    If you really want lasting and permanent success in your life, YOU HAVE GOT TO GROW YOURSELF INTO SOMEONE WHO IS CAPABLE OF HAVING LASTING AND PERMANENT SUCCESS.

    In other words, before you can become wealthy in the physical, material world, you will have to grow wealthy in your inner world, in your thoughts and your beliefs.

    Your system is a tool. In the hands of the right person at the right time, this tool can take them to new levels of success if it's all that you say it is. And I'm willing to give you all the benefit of the doubt.

    Great job on the rollout!

    All the best,


  9. […] read the full story on the Nitro marketing blog   […]

  10. Ron Brantley

    Hey Kevin,

    You are a breath of fresh air to IM.
    I wish I had heard of you an Matt sooner,
    because you tell it like it is.

    I highly respect your honesty an integrity,
    you tell people what they NEED to hear not
    just what they want to hear like so many
    Gurus do, just to drain your bank account.

    Don't get me wrong, there are some [very few]
    professional business men an women out there
    that deliver great value to there subscribers.

    Ive watched the 5 part video series and
    apppreciate it very much,you way overdeliver.
    I learned way much more than all of the products
    combined that Ive purchased in the past. THANKS!

    Like you said, you have to be WILLING to work
    hard no matter what, persistence, consistence,
    and a constant drive, always believing in yourself
    and having the right mindset

    You half to take small steps first, an gradually
    improve then as time goes on you'll be ready for
    bigger challenges. Its a process of learning an
    growing from the inside out. If you dont have that
    Inner foundational mindset established, your building a business on shakey ground an it wont
    stand for long.

    Kevin an Matt, congrats on a job well done!
    I look forward to working with you two, as I
    anxiously await my NITRO BLUEPRINT to arrive.

    Happy and prosperous New Year,
    Ron Brantley

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