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"Watch These 5 FREE Nitro Blueprint
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If you liked the "Dirty Laundry Report" then you are going to absolutely LOVE these 5 Nitro Blueprint System videos that we have for you!

Video #1 is called: "The New Path Video"
Video #2 is called: "Building a Business Not An Income"
Video #3 is called: "The 10 Steps Revealed"
Video #4 is called: "In-Depth Training On Steps 1 – 5"
Video #5 is called: "In-Depth Training On Steps 6 – 10"

In these 5 videos over the next 5 days, we're going to give you The Big Picture of an online business system, including not only what to do, but also WHY to do it- and just as important – how to properly THINK about your business. (The missing piece that you never hear any of the "Gurus" talking about – the Internet Business Success Mindset)

You'll see PROOF that it works.

(The Nitro Blueprint System has been 29 months in the making based on over 8 years of REAL Internet business experience)

And you will also learn:

  • The simple 10 step 90-day plan to having a lucrative online business, even if you are starting from scratch.
  • How to have a business you LOVE doing.
  • How to have a business that lasts for the long term.
  • How to eliminate procrastionation, take focused action, and start gettng immediate results.
  • The Experience Factor, Core Activity Principle, the Tile Path Theory, and The Empty Box Principle.
  • I'll Walk you through all 10 steps that we use for every site we launch, every site we rennovate, every business we start, and every client we take on.

Special Bonus #1: The Amazing True Story of how a green-as-the-grass newbie with no desire to "do internet business" used the Nitro Blueprint system to create $22,748 in 3 weeks, from scratch. (in a totally unrelated niche market)

Special Bonus #2: Free participation in the Nitro Blueprint Videos "Biggest Takeaways" Contest where you will be able to win cool Nitro prizes just for sharing your biggest takeaways from the videos.

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424 Responses to Nitro Blueprint Videos
  1. Kevin,

    This is a great series.

    In a few short minutes you outline the problem, and the solution.

    So many people get addicted to buying more and more [Not So] Instant Success products, and it becomes a viscious circle of buying more and more to achieve less and less.

    Nitro is very solid. I've watched you guys grow since Mark Joyner's 'retirement', and even before when you came out No. 1. Selling 'The Big Seminar'.

    This is a superb opportunity for those wanting a real business, rather than empty shortcuts.


  2. Bill

    The system is the solution.

  3. What's up one, I'm chic to the forum and honourable wanted to say hey. hi leaning touch to recollect fresh pepole and share in tackle with them

    suffer with a contented year

  4. This is so cool. Finally someone that will guide and INSPIRE, not just get your money.Takeaways include: 1 A map to get started. 2 The encouragement to just get going.
    Thanks and luck to All.

  5. Hi,
    I have literally put my last dime into your system and for some reason i have faith that I WILL COME OUT A WINNER…..AND BIG….I'm stuck in a rut and broke…..A struggling musician and Personal Trainer.
    I need to pick myself up and owning my own Biz is gonna be the BEST THING EVER….I WANT TO BE MY OWN BOSS AND MAKE TONS OF MONEY WHILE PROVIDING valuable support and help to people thru my biz.The take away fro the 1st Video for me is that I CAN CHANGE MY LIFE IF I PUT MY EFFORT AND TIME INTO IT SERIOUSLY….AND I AM READY TO DO THAT NOW.
    You are going to have to MAKE ME SUCCEED as there IS NO WAY OUT FOR ME…..IT'S DO OR DIE…..Thx

  6. adrian

    learned to live a practice with integrity, passion, because I'm doing something I want to do, doing it well, and monetize it after…with the help of nitro blueprint, this is a done deal :).

  7. Hi,

    My biggest take away is the only thing the seperates me from someone who is getting results in their on line business is experience. And experience is something I can gain, and I'm the worst I will ever be and I can only get better.

  8. Hi,

    My take away is munchies breaking down the big tasks into smaller tasks and focusing on the smaller tasks until they are completed and in essence completing the larger tasks. Also identifing my core activities.

  9. Hi,

    You don't have to be perfect in filling in your boxes, just get it going and in time it will get better.

  10. Avril

    I am so fired up and your videos really keep me focussed till my package arrives in 2 weeks as i live in India…..I find myself thinking about numerous biz possibilities and trying to focus on what excites me the most….
    I think i am on the right track with you.Cant wait for my Package to arrive.Its goin to be the best Xmas gift to MYSELF.

  11. Kevin, Again you are masterful at coaching to success! Within the last 30 days I've purchased several of your programs AND Implemented them (key success principle). I've learned more in the last month than in 8 years in the online world AND gained several new customers with thousands in my monthly continuity program.

    See you in Los Angeles in January 2010 and hope to contribute back to you in the future :)

    To our success ~ Kelly

  12. I am very new to the internet marketing arena and have already fell victim to so many products that match what you are talking about. Some are like you said great at being the electrician, plumber, etc., but I am left with piecing together the whole business. I am looking forward to hearing more honesty from your programs.

    I am going to slowly test the waters, yet, to see if you are what you say you are.

    I have been spending the last 3 months on a new path that has not been working. Hopefully I can follow a new path that actually makes sense.


  13. Just watched video 2. I am ready for the details… :) It does make sense to build a long term business that you love doing. Otherwise it's just a JOB (the 3 letter word… lol)

  14. I have been very encouraged thru listening to you videos, I have always been a procrastinator and I do not take being told no very well and become discouraged too easily when things do not happen as soon as I thought they would. Im learning that just taking action, not worrying about being perfect, and doing things in smaller chunks may make all the difference for me.

  15. Fran

    My takeaway is to just start. Don't try do it all one day, and don't worry about tomorrow. Just follow the map one step and one day at a time. Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, go to the beginning and "follow the yellow brick road," a.k.a., the step-by-step Nitro Blueprint System.

  16. Gayle McDonald

    I have spent a year trying to get savvy about internet marketing and being afraid to go forward for fear of missing steps in the process. I think I've developed a serious case of ADD from all the courses and information as a result! (joking!) There's procrastination and then there's "not knowing". By the way you have structured the process of learning, I now see the "flow", the "sequential steps" of internet marketing and the "empty box" illustration really helped. I feel you've made the learning simple and clear. Thank you. Gayle

  17. will

    Listening to Kevin talk about what seperates people from other people is something I have always asked myself over the years but I couldn't answer until now. I have asked myself what seperates me from Bill Gates, Donald Trump…etc. Now I know. Sure it's experience which equates to knowledge, but it's also me. I am the one who seperates myself from being successful. I treat success as if it's a disease I don't want to catch. I came away wih something extremely valuable from the video and that is, NOTHING seperates me from Bill Gates or Donald Trump!

  18. Dafna

    I loved hearing all these 3 first videos, hope to continue seeing them and more important implementing them!
    Thanks Alot!

  19. Andrea

    My takeaway from Videos 1 and 2 are 1)-I can develop a succesful online businsess when first I resolve to take a new path to gain the experience, 2) Choose a topic or niche I love that can make a difference in people's lives and 3) Focus systematically one at a time on the tasks of each core activity so as to create productive action in the building of my business.

  20. My takeway from Video 1 was that I need to decide to take the new path and gain the experience i need to beomce successful.

  21. kim shuman

    Every time I watch a video from the Nitro program I am not disappointed. The content hits the nail on the head about the main hangups associated with beginning a new internet business. I can see the the new path is the only way to move forward to my personal and financial goals. My take away here is beating the fear with determination to make it work and get me over the hump to make it easier and less scary!

  22. You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be really something which I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and very broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I will try to get the hang of it!

  23. Denis Grant

    The breakthrough concept in the 1st video is the distinction in the title, building a business rather than an income.

    In video 2, I found the treatment of the three different approaches to IM illuminating. In fact the ordered approach to different aspects progressively peels away the blur of confusion that many people find with this business when they are overwhelmed by information. The empty box principle put the operational icing on the orderly approach.

  24. Anita

    Tremendously good value, and I have only got as far as video three.

    Most other people reading this will know all about mindset, but to see it broken down into five simple principles, with ACTION steps is the most valuable thing I have read in a very long time.

    Simply life changing.

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