Cable Guy Humiliates Gurus Using 10 Step System

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108 Responses to Cable Guy Humiliates Gurus Using 10 Step System
  1. Hello Matt and Kevin,

    I just watched Video #3 and boy does it have some great lessons to be learned.

    Two of them sort of go hand in hand. You don't have to be perfect is a great relief. I know that this has been one of my stumbling blocks since I haven't felt like I knew enough or had the right skills to present the information in the right way. Knowing that I don't have to be perfect gives me permission to start with what I have and then work on the rest later.

    More importantly to me is that you don't need to have everything in place to get started. Another one of my problems has been building all of the supporting structures around the basic information that I want to share. Once I realize that I have to have a web site, maybe an auto responder series, a thank you page with offers or giveaways, a one time offer and on and on, the project becomes way too big and I end up losing interest. That thinking applied to project after project eventually has worn me down to thinking that I'll never get it all together.

    The third thing that I got was it really can be simple if you have a plan and just do one thing after another. If you take steps each day toward the final goal you can get there. And it doesn't have to take the rest of your life to do it.

    All best wishes,

    p.s. I'm liking these lessons.

  2. Thanks for letting me know that it's OK not to have everything perfect. I'm a web designer, copywriter, web marketer and in my job everything does have to be perfect. So it's been tough for me to let go and move on to the next step because there's always something I feel I can make better.

    Also seeing the steps laid out on your chart really gives me a direction that I didn't have before. Thanks for the very informative & helpful video!

  3. Launching is the biggest hurdle because of my perfection. Being a multi-faceted, multi-talented educated intellectual individual just to decide on a niche has been a detriment since I want to include all about me.

    This video has provided me a focus and now on the the path on one.

  4. When I first clicked on the link to the 7 + 3 Success Killer video, it was you were describing me. Talk about overload, oh my gosh! The tons of products, the free stuff, the extras that I probably will never get to because of my procrastination…just to think about all of it is overwhelming. In watching the 10 Steps to be Successful I definitely know, though, that I have seen them over and over again in bits and pieces and it's about time someone put things into perspective. I am currently a member of a few programs that are taking me no where and your videos are making me see that I can definitely learn from the best. Hey, over $17 million dollars….I'd like to learn from you any day. Like my kids sometimes tell me, "I want to be just like you." That's what I say to you. I'm 53 years old, an educator with over 32 years of teaching and counseling experience who will someday retire and I want more than anything to find my niche online. I started messing with the computer and ordering programs in 1995 but allowed people to influence me away from doing business online with words of discouragement like, "you will never make money online (my husband)," and "all of that is a bunch of lies just to get your money" and "you still believe in Santa Clause." Oh well, you are definitely allowing me to see that it could happen for me too, someday. I appreciate that a lot. Thanks!

  5. Peter V.

    As someone who has been stuck in "perfection hell", your mindset setting, encouragement, clear explanations, valuable models and step-by-step plans give me, and everyone else who jumps on board, a sense of relief and hope. We *can* do this, after all.

    Peter V

  6. Wow. Just like he said. Several jig saw puzzles and I had no idea how to put them together. I have a blog. I collect emails. However, it's not a system. I think I need to start over from scratch following these 10 steps and do it the right way. Even if it's not perfect, it's better than what I have now.

  7. Nice video. I like the step by step process you've laid out. I always seem to get stuck on steps six through ten. I need to find a way to get some traffic for split testing without costing too much money.

  8. I was skeptical about what you had to see because of the plan little optin form with a simple video. You know it was the video that got me to opt in and I am actually glad I did.

    I am just like that person on the video who has been jumping in this program and that program and getting no where. I have now joined another program just two days ago and I will not mention that program here .. however I have to give that 30 days and if it work or don't I will be trying your course.

    I can't wait do to a review on my blog .. I will review the ebook on my blog to refer to my visitors. My goal is to do my businesses on line and I am sure…

    Kim Dion

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