Story Behind My First Online Breakthrough

Everybody has a story of their first "big break" that pulled them into success online.

Maybe you're still looking for your first big break online too.

I'll share with you my story to help you get to your big breakthrough this year.

It was 1998.

I had a niche site and an email newsletter with 1,500 people.

I was making anywhere from $500 to $1,000 a month promoting affiliate products.

And the one that worked best for me, I would keep emailing the owner of the site with suggestions. My thought, if he did the things I told him, the site would convert more sales and I would make more commissions.

He would always reply back, "Kevin, these are awesome ideas, but you don't understand… I'm so busy with my other business I don't have time to spend on this site anymore."

After several months of this, he replied back, Kevin, what if you implement these for me and we split the profits?"

Too busy failing to actually succeed!

What was my first thought?

I was too busy with all the things I was working on (that weren't making me any money) to actually jump at an opportunity that would make me more than I ever had online.

Hopefully you don't make that mistake like I almost did!

Fortunately I got over that stupid thinking and got on the phone with Joshua.

He started telling me about his other company, that was doing 8 figures a year and growing quickly.

How he would create a marketing campaign and within the first 24 hours have thousands of new customers.

Selling things like cell phones, software, online games, niche ebooks, lead generation and more.

And how he was about ready to shut the site I was an affiliate for down because he didn't have time to mess with it because it was only doing $3,000 a month.

But he would give me a chance.

He was going to let me implement my ideas and we would split the revenue.

Fortunately I said yes because my life instantly started to change.

Within months I increased the sales at the site by 500% and for the first time, really saw the power of the Internet. And I was constantly soaking in all the knowledge Joshua would throw my way.

And to this day, he has been a great mentor and now also a close trusted friend. Just last year he invited me to his house to celebrate his birthday, his wife's birthday and their anniversary (they all happen at the same.)

To sum it up…

The guy is a genius when it comes to online business. He sees trends and GETS online marketing at a level I've rarely seen before.

A Big Break For You.

Virtually the entire time I've known Joshua, he was always the guy behind the HUGE online successes. He would be the one that REALLY made things happen but you would never know about.

And he rarely shared his knowledge outside of his close friends like myself.

Fortunately, at the strong encouragement from all the people he has privately helped (myself included) he is deciding to share his wisdom with you.

I can't recommend enough taking advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the true masters of getting real results online.

He gave me my first big break online. And now he can give you your first big break online as well.


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2 Responses to Story Behind My First Online Breakthrough
  1. I absolutely despise the sales letter. It rubbed me the wrong way from the first sentence. Then bragging about how much money he was going to make from selling me a product that cost him so little to produce. Awful.

    By the way, I have bought many thousands of dollars of products from sales letters in the past, so do not write this off as one of those "people who hates sales letters."


    [KEVIN] Thanks for the feedback Erica, will pass it onto Joshua, everything doesn't appeal to everybody. The only way to improve is from feedback from all sources.

  2. Very inspiring story, I've been having small breakthroughs as of recently. I realize that internet marketing is a long learning journey and I will continue to expand my knowledge to become more effective and successful like you :)

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