the #1 most important question

Here's a really powerful (and quick to implement) tip for your local marketing business.

Actually, you can use this with just about anything in life because its one of those universal truths.

It is the #1 most important question to ask yourself.

"How Can I?"

Unfortunately, we spend a lifetime being programmed to focus on the opposite, on the negative.

All the reasons something isn't working.
All the reasons we can't do something.

Which only keeps us stuck and unhappy.

By making that 1 simple switch, you instantly become empowered to move forward, to become more energized and to discover solutions.

Let me give you 2 BIG examples in your business.

"I don't have enough prospects for my business."

The knee jerk reaction to that challenge is to ask yourself, "why don't I have enough prospects?"

Then the struggling LBMM'er member rattles of all of the reasons why, all the stuff that isn't working, and every reason/person/thing to blame. And not a single thing in that list of why its not working moves you forward.

But, if you ask yourself how can you have enough prospects, of your ideal local business clients, you would have very different answers and start coming up with solutions.

For example, you would review the 8 client getting methods in LBMM and pick 1 or 2 of them to implement at a level 100 moving forward for the next 4 weeks. And use the feedback questions we teach you to see what's working and how to make it better.

Most likely you would start sending out some of the handwritten "light bulb" letters taught in week 2.

Our coaching students are sending them out every single week and having hot prospects contact them every week.

And then do a follow-up call with the ones who do not call you. Since you sent them something personal, when you call its about the letter you sent and changes it from no longer being a cold call.

The people making the really big money know that sitting around twiddling their thumbs never made anybody rich… so they are being smart and following up with people because that is where the money is made… and they are getting double, triple, even 5 times more clients from the exact same marketing as the person who doesn't followup.

"I don't have enough time to do the business."

Then the struggling LBMM'er member rattles of all of the reasons why there isn't enough time for them and how other people who are having success didn't have to go through what they are, and on and on.

But, if you ask yourself how can you have enough time, you would start coming up with solutions.

First, you would review the Time Maximizer training we give you as a bonus in week 2. And make sure you implement the short, simple action items like the weekly plan and mini-blasts.

Second, you would look at your typical day or week and ask yourself how can you re-arrange it to find the time.

(I guarantee you, there is not a single successful person who will say they had enough time when they were getting started… instead they FOUND the time because their success was that important to them.)

Maybe its going into the office an hour early or staying an hour late… so you can then either have more time before or after work, or take a 2 hour lunch.

Or maybe its skipping lunch and using that time to make calls, meet with people, or to get off even earlier in the afternoon.

The question will come down to…

Are you willing to do what you have to today, so you can do what you want to for the rest of your life?

The people who ask the right questions and make the smart short term sacrifices are the ones you will see as the next big success stories.

ACTION TIP: Write on a big post-it not "How Can I?" and post it where you will constantly see it until it becomes a natural way of acting in your life.

I promise, you will quickly start seeing dramatic differences in your life.


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15 Responses to the #1 most important question
  1. Excellent blog post.

    J.R. Jackson
    MLM's $8-Million Man

  2. Kevin,

    What an awesome post dude! I felt a blow right between the eyes on this one. I needed that TODAY!

    thanks for sharing,


  3. I liked this a lot. It is definitely the way to make things happen. Thanks.

  4. Keith

    Great advice.

  5. The truth is people hinder themselves from success. I found in the beginning that was my problem. My mind was so trained not to be successful that you have to retrain it, and that can be very difficult for a lot of people. Even now I found myself saying that I didn't have time to play baseball with my son. WHAT!!! The whole reason for me working from home is to spend more time with my kids, so I got myself rethinking again, How Can I find time to spend with my kids. Well, my answer, wake up early and get my work done early so that I have a few hours every day to spend playing sports with my kids. Great Post!!

  6. Kevin,

    Always timely with your encouragement. Some days as a solo-preneur you're on top of the world, some days you're feeling iffy… Thanks for this back-to-basics reminder !

    This is a perfect tie-in to something I have on a Post-It on the wall: Performance Goals not Outcome Goals. That's to say, nose to the grindstone on activities that you need to do regularly to get to a certain objective.

    I.E. hook-up with 10 people on LinkedIn every week; contact 5 local businesses a day with a video, e-mail, practical tip, etc. (Performance Goals) to reach your 10K – 20K a month objective (Outcome Goals)

    Much appreciated!


  7. Neil

    Great advice again. Say, was there a replay of the last webinar you did with the 8 direct mail examples? Wasn't able to get on and missed the information.

  8. Great Info, got a lot out of it and with the launch of new business, I need the more time!

  9. What a question " how can I", refreshing post, encourages one to adopt a more positive attitude towards ones challenges.

  10. Great! I know from experience that you need others to show your faults. It is easy to get down on yourself and blame others. I plan to share this with everyone who is willing to listen, because we all need to hear this. Great job!

  11. Asking "how" questions is so important. What too many people do is ask "why" questions.

    "Why did this happen to me?" "Why can't I make any money?"
    "How can I turn this around?" "How can I make more money?"

    The more specific your "how" question, the better the answers you'll get.

    When you ask why questions, your brain answers you — remember when you …. It's not always a very pleasant answer, by the way.

    With "How" questions you're focusing your brain on looking for the solution.

    GREAT post.

  12. We've been experiencing some daunting challenges with our LBMM marketing and search engine optimization business lately, but this post has given me a little boost to propel the business forward a little more than it would have without it.

    Thanks so much, Kevin!


  13. Kevin,
    Thanks for this timely post. I've been making excuses and this hit home real hard! I appreciate the reminder that what we want to achieve is out there, but we must take the actions required and not find ways to get out of those very actions. Great Job!!

  14. A brilliant get-up-off-your-butt strategy, Kevin. I've put your advice on my immediate to do list. Thanks!

  15. Very well said, Kevin. Thank you.


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