Part 3 – A Life Worth Living

Acceptance Of Greatness (Discovery #3)

(You can catch up with this 3 part series with Part 1 and Part 2.)

Wow, what a fun couple days and a treat to read everybody responses both here and sent to me personally. I originally wrote all of this last Friday as my own "personal diary", now I'm glad I was inspired to share it with you too! OK back to part 3 of the story.

The past week and a half I’ve personally shared this with a lot of people that are important to me in my life.

And it was last Wednesday afternoon, while talking with my amazing life/business coach for the past 6 years, that the 3rd Discovery appeared and rocked my world!

As you can imagine, living life through the belief “there’s something wrong with me and people see it”, well I unintentionally made it difficult for new people to really connect with who I was as a person.

I knew I created a “hard to really get to know me” persona with people despite not wanting to and always being baffled what I was doing every time I got that feedback from new friends.

After telling her how amazing my life now feels and my new morning routine that directs and programs my brain to take consistent action in alignment with who I am now choosing to be and what I want to create, we talked about being “present” and how I could intentionally live life that way in every moment, with anybody, at anytime.

I shared with her a couple experiences over the weekend where I instantly connected with somebody and within minutes had a friend for life… and inquired what did I do differently in those moments.

It Came Down To 2 Things.

First, I would share myself openingly and vulnerably in an authentic and “uplifting” way. (This 3 part blog post series is an extreme version of that.)

Second, I am fully present with people and come from a place of contribution and making a difference in their life.

I can still remember the moment that I realized I could be that way at any time, with anybody I meet or in any interaction I have.  I was beyond ecstatic thinking my life could always be that way.

I had just “discovered” how to naturally and effortlessly be me. 

It was the “hidden formula” present in virtually every previous moment of my life where I instantly connected with somebody or had an amazing interaction with somebody.

It sounds so simple but has been mind blowing to see it in action this past week.

The Creative Juices Are Flowing Again

For the past year+ I’ve had very little inspiration to create new content and training like I used to. The creative river of ideas and motivation was dammed up. Heck, just look at the lack of posts over the past 2 years to this blog to see evidence of that.

Fortunately the dam is gone and now I’ve got an entire list of new training I’m excited to create for our members!

In the meantime, this weekend we will be giving away my favorite part of the entire business that had just been sitting dormant for a really long time. I think you are going to love it!

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4 Responses to Part 3 – A Life Worth Living
  1. Stephen Street

    I am inspired by you 3 part series. Normally there are blogs always selling something. This has been quite insightful.

    Of course I was looking at the Amazon article on how you were selling massive product and would like to view the videos which now have dead links. Is it possible to view those even now?

  2. I did become disconnected with you for reasons that may be evident of your business not being totally present. I would love to share them with you, yet I do not want it to be public, since it will discuss your business.. If you would like to correspond hit me back!

  3. Hi Kevin,
    I think the two things you did differently are the keys to our self expression and aliveness. The problem is that we easily get caught in the cycle of feeling vulnerable, then protecting oursleves so we don't feel vulnerable, then feeling more vulnerable because we protected ourselves, then protecting ourselves even more, and so on. Without consciously stepping in and breaking that cycle, we spiral deeper down into self protection and shutting down. Very tricky irony!

    I think sharing our vulnerability in an "uplifting way", as you described it, makes a big difference as it opens up possibilities for both us and the people with whom we are sharing.

  4. George

    Thanks again Kevin,
    Thanks for sharing – I actually see a lot of ME in YOU, so this is helpful (um… I have issues, and know I need help working through them, so something like the process you went through, or I suppose any really good coach / counselor, would help). Yeah, being open and vulnerable with ANYONE is a challenge (well, it is for me…) – and even after building 'trust' with people online, well, it just kinda feels weird, sharing with people you haven't actually met in person. Reginald raises a good point about the spiral we can become caught in – but I'm glad to see you 'back'. Looking forward to hearing more from you!

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