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Ignorance on Fire Gets Results:

Mac and PC debate aside, seems like if a decade-plus Microsoft employee who'd dabbled in small business commerce online has discovered that the more he learns online, the more there is to learn, it's okay for us all to admit we don't know it all – and to take action anyway. Rich Thurman got a taste for online entrepreneurship and it fanned the fire for his desire to learn more.

It was the consultative selling aspect of local online marketing that got him hooked. The idea of selling a service that's meaningful and helps business owners grow their business resonated with him. He realized how much they needed this; unless a business has a strong internet presence their competitors will leave them in the dust.

With this idea in mind, his education in online marketing begun, he went for a boat ride. As boats do, his broke and started him on his course of success.

Where to find a guy to fix his propeller?

Rich found one online. The shop had a website that looked to be Angel Fire circa 1992. He went in, got his propeller fixed, and started a conversation.

"How's your website working for you?"
"It isn't."

Rich gave the guy his book, gave some tips about getting the site to perform better, and even gave some advice about what to do the next time he got a call from some SEO firm promising him the world. Then he left.

Two days later, you can imagine the call he got. "If I pay you, could you DO this for me?" Sure.

Rich collected $1,500 up-front, worked on the site to bring it into this century, pulled a call to action on the site, set up a lead capture system, set up a trackable 800- number, and generated traffic. A lot of it. At the end of the month, he gave his client a report he was able to use to calculate ROI. It was working. Well.

The next call he got was, "If I give you more money, could you get me MORE traffic?" Sure.

Sounds easy, of course. And if it worked like that for every client from the get-go, it would be wonderful. But along the way, Rich fought the same battles all of us go through. Fear of failure. Fear of success. Fear he didn’t know enough.

Good thing he had a mastermind group (or three!). As the adage goes, you become most like the five people closest to you. He surrounded himself with people who were all in when it came to taking action. He learned the value of stopping the data gathering process and just taking action when the time is right. If you're never done learning, you have to learn to take action anyway or you'll never get results. It takes courage to implement. Courage to be willing to have mastermind partners rip your business apart and help you put it back together better. But accountability allows you to move faster than you can on your own.

His advice to you: Take bold steps forward. If you go out and listen to all the gurus, they all say get out of info gathering mode and get into implementation mode whether you're ready or not. Throw mud against the wall and see if it sticks – if it does, great. If it
doesn't, learn from it. If you miss opportunities because you're not ready, you miss out. Just do it, whether you can or not! You don't need to know the whole book. Just stay one page ahead of your customer.

Also, don't fall prey to shiny object syndrome. There are lots of products out there – pick ONE and go with that one. Consume it to its full, then get out of the info gathering mode and implement what you learned from that resource. If you have success, you're golden. If not, then move on.

For the latest information visit Rich's blog: Rich Thurman


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2 Responses to Member Success Story: Rich Thurman
  1. Thomas

    Great story…. but one thing makes me curious.

    He did some work and setup a lead capture page; ok, simple enough.

    Then he generated traffic and a lot of it; how did he do THIS? I'm relying on the outsourcers as recommended in LBMM and it takes months to rank the site and generate traffic organically.

    I wish there was a faster way to start generating traffic other than PPC (since most of the money goes to Google, etc… instead of my pocket).

    Any thoughts?

    [KEVIN] – We use PPC to deliver quick results. You can also use Video Speed Ranking or Press Release Speed Ranking for quick results.

  2. Thomas, most SEM companies offer PPC services and they markup the cost per click. I just charge a 15% management fee and use the remaining funds for their monthly budget.


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