Member Success Story: Mike Davis

Making the Most of Every Opportunity

When opportunity comes knocking, Mike Davis likes to take advantage of it. He's already quit his former job, and is currently on track to double his income in the next two months. Read on to learn how this local online marketer has used people skills and determination to create a new future for his family.

For Mike Davis, the path to a successful local online marketing business has been a long and winding one. In college he studied pre-med and eventually opted for a biology degree, then went back for a chemistry degree. He soon felt the call to the ministry, however, and entered the seminary in Fort Worth, graduating with a Master's in Divinity with the goal of becoming a preacher. Mike's work within the ministry took him on several missions trips, which became his passion. He attended nursing school in order to do medical missions and worked in a children's hospital for four years.

Around the same time, Mike had a friend who was having tremendous success with internet marketing, and he began asking more and more questions about his business. His buddy highly recommended Kevin Wilke and Local Business Money Machine as trustworthy, so Mike decided to invest in the course himself. He was impressed and realized the many benefits that a local online marketing business could offer his family. "Staying at home with my wife and daughter, not having to do 12-hour shifts at the hospital, not being on call or having to work nights and weekends, that's what appealed to me," says Mike.

A Blessing in Disguise

The next step was finding his first marketing client, and surprisingly enough it started in the mall parking lot. Mike backed into a concrete base around a light pole and dented the bumper on his new car. He took the car to a body shop for repair. "They fixed it and did an outstanding job," Mike says. "The car looked brand new." That's when it clicked.

Mike went back to the body shop and asked the owner if he could talk to him about his business. He demonstrated that the shop's website wasn't showing up for keyword searches, and explained that the owner could get so much more business if he was on the first page of Google. "He understood that people do local searches with their phones, not the Yellow Pages, and he could see how it would work," Mike says. "I was nervous and sweating because I was only two weeks into the business. I didn't even have a proposal, but I was able to answer his questions. He was totally ready to get started."

That was one year ago, and with a few clients Mike has already surpassed his nursing income. "It's amazing, the path I've taken," he says. "I'm out of nursing doing this full-time, and full-time is only about 20 hours per week. It's great to have that flexibility in my schedule. There's so much more incredible potential for growth here." And what happened with his first client, the body shop owner? Mike's services have generated such positive results, he's had to turn away business!

Tips and Rewards

One of the rewards of his new career has been the opportunity to convince business owners that online marketing will improve their business. "It really is an investment, not just a sales process," Mike explains. "For them to see that they're going to get X amount of return on their investment

above and beyond what they would ever pay me, to see the additional customers come in and their excitement for that –
that's been a real pleasure for me."

Mike believes there are a few important practices that can ensure success for local marketers. "Being open and willing to talk to people rather than clamming up is so important," he emphasizes. "You can't get around talking to people. If you're sitting at the car wash waiting on your car, strike up a conversation with the guy next to you. Ask him what he does, and hopefully that will lead to business talk."

Mike has also invested in the done-for-you it." Instant credibility book offered by LBMM to give to prospective clients, and has found it to be a significant tool for closing deals. "The book shows that I'm an expert, and I would recommend that for any marketer," he says. Facebook is another way he's connected with people he personally knows who are business owners, or who know business owners. He sends an introductory message explaining what he does and how it can help their business, and has found this technique to be very productive. "I offer a free website evaluation, and because I already know them it helps them to be more comfortable."

'Anybody Can Do It'
In the next two months, Mike plans to double his current income, which will allow he and his wife to realize one of their primary goals: "We want to be more involved in missions work, and the additional income will allow us to fund our own trips." Other goals include spending more time together as a family, reducing his wife's work schedule so that she can homeschool their 7-year-old daughter, and eventually being able to purchase a home in Europe where they can live and work during the summers.

Mike believes great success in online local marketing can be achieved by anyone willing to get out there and talk to people, even if that individual doesn't have lots of marketing experience. "What's crazy to me is that I have never been involved in sales," he laughs. "Now here I am, doing something that is so rewarding and so successful. If I can do it, anybody can do.

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