Member Success Story: Linda Bayko

Sorry Mr. Client? You're FIRED!

By the time the crash in 2008 hit, Linda Bayko was looking for something else to do. After 25 years in the computer industry, Linda had taken an executive layoff in 2005 and started her own finance company and bought the Nitro

Blueprint System course. While working with small businesses, she began to realize the reason they didn't have cash flow was that they weren't marketing online. It was at that time she began to teach them what she had learned from NBS.

Her first client was her realtor, who'd seen her success with her finance business online and practically begged to become Linda's first client. She became the guinea pig for Linda. She only charged $200 a month, then went up to $500 a month. After that, Linda added her mover, then a mortgage broker. She dealt with people she knew already, working her warm market which made it easy.

But, she was working hard? and at those rates, not having much to show for it.

A live event and a couple of conversations later (thank you Clarence Fisher and Ed Downes), and Linda realized what had gone wrong – she'd failed to recognize and own her value. The remedy was drastic.

She fired her clients. Better to start fresh. Linda sent out about 350 emails to her contacts looking for referrals.

No response. She sent the same email again. This time she got 4-5 contacts who said they were thinking about it.

She sent it again, and landed her first $2,500 a month client.

It got easier. She used a client questionnaire that subtly revealed all the moving parts involved in doing local online marketing – and resulted most times in prospects practically jumping over the table to sign up as her client.

She quickly got a new client who turned out to be a franchisee. It turned out there were lots of complications with that. She met with the franchisor, who ultimately opened .up the whole back end of that business with tons of content, and got permission to market to the 139 brokers in his business across the U.S.

How's it working now for Linda? As far as her current clients go, they're making more money. Her first client, the realtor has sold more than 10.6 million! The moving company owner was sitting with his feet up on the table when he first called; there were no jobs. The housing market was tanking and the jobs were drying up. Since working with Linda he is now running three trucks full time. Now, believe it or not, he periodically calls to ask if she can turn the tap off a bit.

Linda's advice to you – don't focus on the money; focus on the fun. Once you are having fun and enjoying yourself, the money will come. It takes discipline and great time management. Get your work done. Be sure to set a time amount every day for each task and get it done. Don't go on Facebook all the time. Shut your email off rather than checking it constantly. Be persistent; follow up is very important. If she had stopped after only sending out that one email blast, she would not have gotten that first $2,500 a month client.

Finally, learn from your mistakes. We all make mistakes in presentations, and it never feels good. Reality is, only one person saw the mistake, not the whole world. Don't get hung up on the technical side of things. Just go out there and sell it and outsource the rest. Hire a sales team if you need to. If you aren't generating revenue, you will have to shut your doors. Follow the program, it works. Do it and do it again.

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  1. Every time I read these stories I get more and more inspired. Thank you Kevin for continuing to inspire with success. I'm still in the middle of studying all the materials, and priming myself for my own success story!
    stay sunny,

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