Member Success Story: Jeff Peairs

Local Marketing Pioneer with a Game-Changing Message

We caught up with the jet-setting Mr. Big Local Marketing, Jeff Peairs, co-creator of Nitro Marketing's Local Business Money Machine between cruises, coast-to-coast roaming, and pretty near monthly Internet marketing events long enough to squeeze in an interview. Like many of us, his online marketing path began with information marketing. He applied the Internet marketing techniques he'd learned to his own roofing business, and stumbled into something bigger than he ever imagined.

Jeff Peairs is a local entrepreneur, Internet marketing consultant and strategist, information marketer and publisher, overall web marketing expert, and one of the friendliest guys you'll meet anywhere. And you could meet him? anywhere. Living the dream of most Internet marketers, Jeff grows his business everywhere he goes, and leverages the efforts of his team to get the job done. Phone, laptop, internet connection – that's all you need, and you can do this business from anywhere. Well, that and a winning and winsome attitude like Jeff's. More about that in a bit.

Backing it up a few years, Jeff's introduction to Internet marketing was affiliate marketing back in 1999. No stranger to tech stuff, he was a corporate sales rep in the software industry before that. After spending some time as a roofing contractor with his own business, worlds collided and he decided that rather than spend the $5,000 a month the yellow page salesguy wanted for a little ad he knew would never bring in business, he'd do his own marketing. Online.

He'd learn a technique, apply it to his business, and lo and behold? this stuff worked. His own business was his first client. As his marketing results improved, his confidence grew. He knew he was onto something – online marketing for local businesses was not nearly as competitive as for information products.

Off the Roof, Onto a New Path

When Jeff started seeing a big return on his efforts, he started doing the same marketing tasks for other contractors. It worked for them, too. He was getting results that impacted the bottom line for every business he worked on – and it was easy. He tapped into his existing network to find more clients and sold off his roofing business to focus on building a successful local Internet marketing company.

But while getting results for them was easy, that actually caused the biggest challenge he faced in growing his business – a problem certainly none of us can relate to (insert sarcastic rolly eyes here)?

The marketing process was easy. So, how could he charge much for it?

Sound familiar? You know you have that same challenge if?
• You're doing a lot of work, but not receiving money in proportion to the effort you put in.
• You're working below your pay grade, continually doing work someone could do for just a couple of dollars an hour.
• You're treating your business like a job rather than an asset you own and control.
• You have no 'free' time to strategize for your business because you're so busy working in it.
• Your clients are resistant to paying you what you're worth – (hint: they'll never see you as more valuable than you do!)

Because Jeff personally experienced a lot of this while starting out, he is very passionate about helping people discover and own their value in this business, and get paid what they're worth. Not that pricing mastery will happen overnight – it can take some trial and error to find the sweet spot where you're comfortable charging according to the value you deliver.

The Yellow Pages Guy Helped Set Jeff's Fees

For Jeff, that discovery came on the heels of listening to one of the many yellow pages sales pitches his roofing business attracted on a regular basis. Newspaper ads, circulars, phone book ads – none of them had even the slightest chance of drawing enough revenue to yield a positive return on investment.

Seeing how other business owners were still using these marketing tactics, even knowing they weren't going to work, it became a no- brainer that his fees needed to go up.

He began to look forward to the advertising sales calls he got. With each one came confirmation that what he was offering his clients could deliver three things these other methods could not. He could provide a real- time estimate of the potential increase in profits, tracking information to show how well it was working, and he could remove business owners' fear of risk because they weren't locked into a yearly contract, like with the phone book. Plus, he knew this stuff really worked.

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