Member Success Story: Glenn Froelich

Speaking His Way to Success

International speaker and author Glenn Froelich has developed a remarkable system for finding new local internet marketing clients. Find out how he is building a thriving business, helping small businesses succeed in challenging times – and still enjoying the freedom to pursue his passions.

While the thought of speaking in front of a large audience makes most folks shudder, Glenn Froelich is always looking for opportunities to be on stage. Especially when the audience is full of small business owners, and the topic is local internet marketing. This successful business marketer speaks to dozens of groups and organizations each year, and has used that ability to quickly and solidly build his local online marketing business. Although becoming a world-class speaker is a skill that has taken many years for him to perfect, Glenn's persistence has paid off big-time. "Every time I speak in front of a group, I get clients," he says.

Prior to establishing his local online marketing business, Glenn spent several years doing social media marketing for the 40+ age demographic. "I found that people over 40 didn't understand social media, had fears about it and didn’t really know how to engage in it,” he explains. He began doing consulting in conjunction with that niche. Later, Glenn used John Jantz’s Duct Tape Marketing system to develop an online marketing business. Local online marketing was a natural step in his progression, and it’s one that has given this self-identified “serial entrepreneur” a new sense of freedom.

Flexibility and Freedom

"I love that customers can see tangible results with our business," says Glenn. He also appreciates a business structure that provides recurring revenue so he can pursue his passions – world travel and travel photography. "The downside of being a marketing consultant and providing conventional marketing services is that you have to be present," he explains. "I wanted to develop a company that allows me the flexibility to get out, travel and see more of the world. That's why this business model really appealed to me."

Glenn's first local online marketing client was a business owner he had worked with previously, doing conventional marketing. "This gentleman had an organic dry cleaning
business with no website presence, no marketing, no nothing," he explains. "I started
working with him on the conventional marketing front, and then I began collaborating with another LIMA member to come up with a package to present to him."

Recognizing that he needed the help, and because the client already knew and trusted him, Glenn's first local marketing deal came easy.

Maximizing Strengths

There have been many challenges to overcome on the road to success, however. One was simply how to get the work done. "There are a lot of moving parts in this business, so I had to build a team I could use to outsource the client services and deliver the results I promised," Glenn explains. "I joined forces with another LIMA member who lives in my local area who handles the production side." Glenn knows that he's best at calling on customers and showing the value of his service, so he has been careful to stick to his strengths and avoid getting caught up in technical details.

"I've found that credibility is the another major obstacle," says Glenn. "You're going in,
telling people you're going to do all this stuff for them, but you haven't done it before."
Because he has owned several businesses, Glenn used that experience to finely tune his business structure and procedures before he went out and started talking to people.
Collaborating with others in the industry hasallowed him to share ideas and gain needed
insights. By starting slow and learning from others' mistakes, he has built a viable long- term business.

Delivering the Message

Glenn advises new local marketers to go out and find a group to talk to, such as a local Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club or tip group. "I do a lot of strategic networking and talk to a lot of groups and organizations," he says. "Speaking to a group forces you to learn your material and be confident in what you're talking about, so that when you go in front of an audience they perceive you as an expert. People want to do business with the guy that's the expert."

While he advises newbies to begin with small groups of ten or fewer, Glenn now speaks on both national and international platforms. He and his team have spent extensive time developing a speaking presentation that engages his audience, complete with an interactive game show and fun statistics related to local internet marketing and how small business owners can benefit from this relatively new industry. "People want to know what has happened with their customers, how customers are shopping these days and how we find them," he says. "At the end, they can't wait to make an appointment with me and talk about this stuff. It's a great way to build a business."

'Niche and Famous'

In addition to a steady income that allows time for personal travel, Glenn finds great joy in bringing massive value to his customers. He does this by helping businesses focus on
who they are and the specific niche they serve. "One of my coaches, Craig Valentine, said you want to be 'niche and famous,'" he laughs. "So often struggling businesses try to do business with everyone and instead miss out on their most profitable customer. By staying focused on one particular niche, it becomes easy to help them succeed online.”

In the future, Glenn hopes to give back by continuing to help small businesses be successful. “I believe the more you give, the more you get. Our country runs on small business, so if you can bring in the missing pieces they need and want to help them succeed, the more successful we’ll be.”

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  1. Excellent article which shows that finding a niche, becoming an expert in that niche and building a strong following and gaining creditability are the ways to success. Problem is too many people want instant wealth and are not prepared to invest the time or work even less the money in order to totally transform their lives.

    Doing something that you actually enjoy while making money while providing a much needed service as opposed to working in a job for money while making their employer wealthier is what very few have the courage or motivation to accomplish.

    We spent a lot of time and money to build our online business and found this to be very helpful in continuing that and taking it forward. In order to help beginners we are giving away a free software that in 6 steps creates a squeeze page and is online building a list, which is vital when starting any business.

    Excellent informative well written and liked by us.

    Stephen & Jennifer.

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