Member Success Story: Ed Downes

Underdog Becomes Super Hero

"Underdog turned superhero." That's how Ed Downes describes himself, and he isn't exaggerating one bit. Just a few months ago, this local online marketer sat on the verge of bankruptcy, feeling alone, defeated and hopeless. Now he's on track to achieve his written goal of $100,000 per month by the end of 2011. Keep reading to learn how Ed has reinvented his life for true success.

Before he got started with local online marketing, Ed Downes was doing nothing. Literally. His Massachusetts health club had once generated $70,000 per month in revenue, but as the economy sank so did the club's enrollment numbers – month after month. He couldn't pay the rent, his landlord seized the gym equipment, his house was foreclosed on, his truck repossessed and his 401K depleted in a failed attempt to recover. His wife decided the stress was too much and left with their two girls. Ed hit bottom, not knowing what he was going to do. He retained a bankruptcy attorney to get the bill collectors off his back, and cried himself to sleep at night.

Rising from the Ashes

During the time his gym was headed downhill, Ed had discovered Nitro Marketing's local online marketing, Local Business Money Machine. "I thought I should probably try to usesome of this stuff to save the gym, but it was too little, too late," he explains. As he tried to get his bearings and figure out what else he could do with his skill set, Ed decided to revisit LBMM for a closer look. He liked the program's turnkey system, with a proven plan for sales, customer fulfillment and outsourcing. "It was almost like buying a franchise, which was appealing to me," he says. "I needed something that was already mapped out, where I could just apply a little hard work."

Ed bought the program, paying in monthly installments. He soon realized he wouldn't be able to make the next payment and, with the 30-day guarantee approaching, he reluctantly returned the product. But he couldn't get local marketing out of his head. "I just knew this could help me get out of my situation," Ed says. "I purchased LBMM a second time and was really excited."

The second purchase didn't last either. Rent was due, and Ed knew that he couldn't afford
the upcoming payment. Embarrassed and heartbroken, he returned the program once again. "Finally I decided that I couldn't be someone who just curls up and dies. I needed to take charge," he says. "I knew if other people were having success, there was no reason I couldn't do it too. So I bought the program a third time, this time for keeps."

Determined to do everything by the book, Ed borrowed money to attend a Launch event from a very reluctant family member. "I had one pair of sweatpants, three t-shirts and a pair of sneakers. That was all the clothing I had at the time," says Ed. "I lived on granola bars and water all weekend because I couldn't afford the meals. Each night after all the training, I would quietly sneak away from the group, out the back door and walk a few blocks to stay at the discount hotel." The few dollars Ed did have were saved to buy a couple of drinks with new friends one of the evenings.

But despite the hardships, Ed was thrilled to be at the event and intent on making his new career work. "I would've slept in the dumpster if that's what I needed to do," he says. "I
made some great new friends, and I've kept in touch with a lot of folks."

"Fake It 'Til You Make It"

Ed moved to make his investment count. His first client was a friend who owns a chiropractic office. Ed explained that he was taking his career in a new direction, and
offered his buddy a deal: he would use the internet to get his business up and going, free of charge. If he was happy with the results, he would pay Ed a discounted fee for being his first client. "He wanted to see me succeed, and he also knew he needed this for his business," explains Ed. It was a win-win situation, and it worked big-time. His friend's revenues jumped $8-10K per month, and Ed had both income and a source of referrals.

As Ed has moved forward with his online marketing business, a couple of phrases that he heard at the Launch event have stuck with him: "Don't wait until it's perfect" and "Fake it 'til you make it." He believes that too many people get hung up on having everything perfect before they get started with their business. "You don't need your own website, the best business cards in the world or a flashy computer for presentations," says Ed. "Honestly, if you show a client ten percent of what you can do, that's ten times more than they think can even be done." When he gets nervous before meeting a client or making a phone call, Ed runs the "fake it 'til you make it" saying through his head.

Ed's persistence has paid off with many more happy clients, and the ability to pick and choose the clients he works with. "I call it the 'Coolness Clause.' I give myself permission to fire any client that fails it. If they become belligerent, too demanding, too needy or unreasonable, I'll fire them." He doesn't hold his clients to contracts because he believes their relationship should be fun and mutually beneficial. Oh, and one more thing: Ed tells his clients that he never wears a suit. It's jeans or khakis only for this guy.

Crushing It

Amazingly, it's been just three months since Ed attended the Launch event. He now has clients in four states, and he's current poised to hit the $20K per month mark. "I can't believe the success I am having with this program," Ed smiles. Even better, sales are on track to reach his monthly goal of $100K by January 2012.

But Ed's biggest reward isn't the money. "I was able to take over a week off at Christmas time and fly my daughters up to Massachusetts so we could spend the holiday together," he says. "Before, I would go three months at a time without seeing them. That's why I'm doing this; so I can provide for them and spend more time with them."

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    I don't know much about Ed yet. Was just looking him up and this article popped up. Great motivation for those in need of hope.

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