The Perfect Mike Filsaime Launch Tree Bonus

I'm sure you've heard all the talk and emails about Anik Singal and Mike Filsaime Launch Tree program that goes on sale Tuesday, May 12th.

FYI, you can get some excellent free training being given away at the Launch Tree site.

And you're probably giving serious consideration to getting Launch Tree (obviously it works, you're seeing the results in the case studies.)

(Curious Side Note: What you may not know, we have been using this formula for the past several years. Years before Mike and Anik had their big launches, we were generating a many as 3,500 customers in a month using these exact same techniques. And in fact many of the guru's first learned about these techniques from a closed door training we did several years ago.

Wouldn't it make sense that we could provide a REALLY good bonus when you get Launch Tree.)

Would you like the PERFECT Launch Tree Bonus?

To thank you for being a Nitro member, and because I believe strongly in the quality and money getting ability of Launch Tree, I'm giving you something really good.

The perfect Launch Tree bonus.

When you use this link to get your copy of Launch Tree

I'll give you, literally, my most valuable secret.

Back in 2006 and 2007 we started testing using 1-click multiple upsells and it worked like crazy.

Next we tested using videos in our upsells. And again we found using videos SIGNIFICANTLY increased conversions.

Over time we developed a VERY specific formula for creating our upsell videos. In fact, we have a fill-in-the-blank template we use to create every one of our best converting upsell videos.

When you use the link on this page to get Launch Tree I will give you, as a free bonus, the following Three (3) Launch Tree Bonuses.

  1. The secret, insider training video that started it all. This is the video that revealed for the first time the power of using multiple upsells, 1-click upsells and video in upsells. Pretty much every guru who now uses this online can be traced back to this video. You will receive the entire, un-edited video. ($497 Value)
  2. Our closed door upsell training session where we revealed our live, super-successful upsells we use in our business (that convert over 40%), the word-for-word script we used, AND the fill-in-the-blank template we use to create SHOCKINGLY high converting upsell videos in 30 minutes or less. ($997 Value)

    NOTE: ALL of the big gurus (plus a lot of successful niche marketers) have been using our upsell video formula. The average response… "It tripled my upsells instantly!"

    Conservatively the people we have taught our video upsell formula to have made in excess of $10 million dollars JUST from this one training over the past 12 months. Now you can use it to and see the same results.

  3. Our newest Upsell Launch Tree Diagram, upsell videos and upsell offer notes. Later this month we will be coming out with a brand new program that has a REALLY hot upsell offer tree. At the end of May you will receive the flow chart showing exactly what happens every step of the way in the
    upsell tree. PLUS you will be given access to the upsell videos we use and my own notes of the offers being made in each upsell. You can be a fly on the wall, seeing exactly how we create our upsell trees at Nitro. ($1,497 Value)

    NOTE: I actually will buy other people's products and Camtashia video screen record the entire sales funnel and upsells just to record exactly what other marketers are doing. You will receive the same benefit without having to buy this product!

All THREE Launch Tree bonuses (a total value of $3,000) are yours for free when you get Launch Tree using this link.

Here's How To Claim Your Launch Tree Bonus

FIRST, go here on Tuesday, May 12th and get your copy of Launch Tree before it sells out.

(NOTE: It will probably sell out QUICKLY so if you wait you most likely will miss out)

SECOND, submit a ticket to our support team with a copy of your receipt to receive your THREE Launch Tree Bonuses.

THIRD, once we verified your purchase with Mike and Anik, you will receive an email with online access to the first 2 bonuses, then at the end of May you will be emailed the third one.

This bonus is the PERFECT compliment to Launch Tree and can't wait to see how much cash it puts into your pocket the next few months.

To your success,

Kevin Wilke

Nitro Marketing

P.S. If you just want the recap…

1) Get Launch Tree today here:

2) Submit a support ticket with your receipt:

3) We will give you all three Launch Tree bonuses so you MAXIMIZE the results you see in a QUICK time.

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