Guru Mastermind Bonus

The Perfect Eben Pagan Guru Mastermind Bonus

I'm sure you've heard all the talk and emails about Eban Pagan Guru Mastermind program that goes on sale Tuesday, May 19th.

FYI, you can get some excellent free training being given away at the Guru Mastermind site.

And you're probably giving serious consideration to getting the Guru Mastermind Home Study Course (obviously it works, Eben used it to go from $0 to $25 million in a few short years selling dating advice online.)

(Curious Side Note: What you may not know, when he originally came out with the program 1 year ago, I signed up. Yep, I paid for it myself because I knew it was going to be AWESOME training.

I could have got a "comped" deal but I knew if I paid for it I would use it, And yes, it has been awesome training that I refer to and use all the time here at Nitro.)

Would you like the PERFECT Guru Mastermind Bonus?

To thank you for being a Nitro member, and because I believe strongly in the quality and money getting ability of the Guru Mastermind Home Study Course, I'm giving you something really good.

The perfect Guru Mastermind bonus.

When you use this link to get your copy of the Guru Mastermind Home Study Course

I'll give you, literally, the most valuable compliment to the program.

Back in 2008 I held an exclusive $3,000 per person workshop where I shared our Nitro Quattro Formula with a handful of people.

It shows a very precise formula for MAXIMIZING the revenue and profit in an information business. The people we taught it to saw anywhere from a 300% increase to as high as a 1,349% increase in sales. One person went from doing $50,000 a month to doing almost $8 million a year within 9 months… just by implementing the Quattro methods.

You can buy the home study course right now for $997 at the Nitro Quattro site here.

Or, if you use this link to invest in Eben's Guru Mastermind course, I will mail you a copy of our Nitro Quattro as a free bonus.

The Quattro covers CRITICAL tactics that you will not find in Guru Mastermind — that's why you will really want both.

It shows you exactly how to have a monthly subscription (continuity) program, to using high converting 1-click upsells (without upsetting your customers), to generating A LOT of customers FAST using our Special Promotions process, to selling BIG TICKET products to your customers (back-end marketing), to our most cutting edge marketing strategies.

In fact, I taught Eben our unique upsell process that uses a VERY specific type of video. He applied it to the upsells in his $25 million dating niche business and it increased his upsells by 50%… and that was for an upsell that was already VERY effective… the stuff you will receive in Quattro will blow your mind.

  • If you want to generate A LOT of customers quickly, having them pay you 3 to 5 times as much as normal, AND create a residual monthly income… then Quattro combined with the Guru Mastermind course is PERFECT for you.
  • If you want access to our proprietary 1-click upsell software that cost over $10,000 to develop… then Quattro is perfect for you.
  • If you want to make the most money, with the least effort, then Quattro combined with the Guru Mastermind course is PERFECT for you.

The ENTIRE Nitro Quattro course (that sells for $997) is yours, for free, as a Guru Mastermind bonus when you get it using this link.

Here's How To Claim Your Guru Mastermind Bonus

FIRST, go here on Tuesday, May 19th and get your copy of Guru Mastermind before it sells out.

(NOTE: It will probably sell out QUICKLY so if you wait you most likely will miss out.)

SECOND, submit a ticket to our support team with a copy of your receipt and your mailing address so we can mail you a copy of the Nitro Quattro Sales System home study course.

THIRD, once we verified your purchase with Eben, you will receive an email letting you know your copy of Quattro has been mailed to you.

This bonus is the PERFECT compliment to Guru Mastermind and can't wait to see how much cash it puts into your pocket the next few months.

To your success,

Kevin Wilke
Nitro Marketing

P.S.  If you just want the recap…

1) Get Guru Mastermind today here:

2) Submit a support ticket with your receipt:

3) We will give you our Nitro Quattro course as a Guru Mastermind bonuses so you MAXIMIZE the results you see in a QUICK time.


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  1. this sounds like a good bonus and I know your nitro training is top notch. thanks

  2. I already have Nitro Quattro and it's one of the best investments I've ever made! The techniques shown were developed after advice from Mark Joyner. Nitromarketing not only used Mark's concepts but they proceeded to make them as perfect as possible. I try to use their 4 simple steps for every Marketing campaign, in order to maximize customer value.

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