Campaigning for the Final Vote for Baseball's 2008 All-Stars Goes Web 2.0

The highlight of a Major League Baseball player’s career has always been being selected for the All-Star team. As the starters for each position are chosen by the fans, usually in terms of who is the most popular, being selected is considered major validation of a player’s mass appeal. And for the pitchers and back-up players who are appointed for each position by the other players, Managers and Coaches, this is considered a tremendous endorsement of their abilities…and value to the organization.

But…after both of these groups have been chosen, there is one last shot for one last spot on the team. Five additional players are nominated by the All-Star Managers and Coaches and the fans get yet another chance to vote—but this time only for one player on this “short-list”— to fill this lone remaining position.

It’s no surprise then that these five remaining candidates are actually campaigning for this single, final, shot to be among the “chosen few”. But they’re not just going out there and saying, “Vote for me.” They are launching and executing full-scale, (sometimes) multi-thousand-dollar, sponsored, campaigns—even utilizing “traditional” grassroots methods such as shaking hands, kissing babies and “street teams”.

But as I learned on… this website…they’re also using some “not-so-traditional” campaign methods as well. Several of these five remaining candidates are even adopting Web 2.0 marketing techniques to try and win votes.

Blogging on social networking sites and “viral videos” are two of their seemingly preferred mechanisms. For Jermaine Dye, the White Sox are even taking that a little further. They have a “secret weapon” according to the site mentioned above: “…the three-year-old White Sox Insider MLBlog maintained by Scott Reifert, the team's vice president of communications. It reaches directly to fans and now carries the Final Vote Widget that can be spread like wildfire around blogs and all social media.”

WOW. We’ve been hearing more and more lately how powerful Web 2.0 can be for attracting traffic to your website and/or online business. But when even MLB All-Star “Final Vote” candidates are using this technology to try and secure that last coveted spot—by driving traffic to their voting pages—it makes you realize what a “Grand Slam” this method can be for web marketing.

Yet…despite the “awesomeness” of Web 2.0 in generating traffic, as mentioned above, these players aren’t relying on this method alone. Do you know why? Simply because the people managing these campaigns are typically their Agents, Club, or Team owners. Smart business people.

And because they are smart business people, they haven’t forgotten one of the basic tenets of business and baseball: “Don’t bet the game on one play.” Besides all the other common parallels and analogies (“swing for the fences”; “hit a homerun”; “bring in the relief pitcher”) this is but yet another lesson that all online business owners or marketers can take from baseball.

Right now, too many utilize only one or two traffic generating techniques or constantly switch from the latest traffic fad to the next. Each and every business should have a balance. With multiple, proven, business-building traffic techniques including—but not limited to—Web 2.0.

But you know what else? Like they do with the Baseball All-Stars…wouldn't it be great to get the heavy hitters of traffic together to make a case for their top methods of generating constant streams of targeted visitors?

What if they were in a competition to prove which traffic methods were best? What if you could hear their insider secrets like how they make each method get the extra distance needed to hit home run after home run?

Stay tuned, this idea is just too good too pass up. Keep your eyes peeled for step by step instructions…head to head competition…all with the one goal of finding out: Who are the All-Stars of traffic? And maybe more importantly…what are their most powerful traffic generating techniques? The very ones, play by play, that put them at the top of their league

– Kim

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