Exposed on the Hood of My Car

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  1. Hey guys,

    Today is my birthday! I'm 26 and absolutely love your videos! I know it's a late for the video submission, but I know you guys are big on taking action, so I decided to do a quick little video at the beach on what my biggest takeaway were from your series and how I took action yesterday to get top search ranking using video marketing.

    Here's the video:
    Didn't come out that great, but worth it)

    My biggest Takeaway?


    Gosh, it sounds so simple yet so easy to get caught up in what the hottest trend is on the net. I started a membership site almost 2 years ago and have completely neglected it although it is my main source of income. I was focusing on other markets and stuff I knew nothing about.

    I need to get back on track and I feel that our "Blueprint" is exactly what I need.

    Please watch my submission and consider my video:

    I have a ton of knowledge but can't seem to focus on one.

    "Jack of all trades, Master of none."

    check out my video…

    Chris Brisson

    P.S. It's my birthday!

  2. Kevin, Matt-

    You have done it!
    You have a put together an internet program that anyone can use.
    I have followed along and watched all the videos and I want you to know that I have received more information and more value from just watching those than other programs I have spent several hundreds of dollars for.
    Watching the videos I took 14 pages of handwritten notes that will be invaluable to me and my business efforts. What I learned will make me money and will be a terrific start to a real future in internet marketing. Wow! If I had all the information that you laid out on the hood of your car, which I have ever belief is the real thing, anyone, I mean anyone will be successful.
    All they will have to do is follow along and Do what you say or instruct to do.

    Thanks Kevin, Thanks Matt
    You guys are awesome.

  3. Hey guys,
    I had to write and say thank you again. Your free videos alone gave me a completely different mindset. Suddenly I see light at the end of the tunnel where before there wasn't any, and I realized that if I just follow this step by step plan I can make a great living online!

    You're were absolutely right that the five part videos were more valuable than a lot of info products I've bought over the past two years. Thanks again!

  4. Terry J. WIlliams

    Hey Guys,

    Can you give us a hint on what the sales page is going to look like … at the very least, the price?

    Judging from the package, it looks like it will be quite expensive so, the price point would be greatly appreciated ahead of time (you know, sort of like the 'leaked' Black Friday ads).


  5. Hi all

    Great videos guys, I really looked forward to your contest winners announcement today… I actually thought I had chance to win with my submission! 😉 Not really but I said lets do it Since, It was my first ever submission!

    After I saw Lori's video I knew she won. I knew she had it all wrapped up, But as they say, don't count yourself out till the last card is placed in the river.

    Okay, People …. Congratulation to all the winners and I sincerely hope all that pick up Nitro Blueprint System take their businesses and future businesses to the level that Kevin described in his 5 videos.



  6. Hey Nick,

    I was really impressed with your initiative! And, as a personal victory for you, I had you second behind Lori.


  7. Guys,

    Great video. I wish you the best of luck. I got slammed before for posting my academic credentals on a blog such as yours. The unfortunate thing is I have an MBA and a PhD both business related.

    I was slammed in the past for putting forth my academic background. My only opinion about people who slam other people with strong academic credentials is they are some how jealous that they have not achieved the same level of academic success.

    But I do wish you well. One of you guys is carrying too many pounds like I do. The age at which first heart attacks occure is getting lower every year so watch your health and what you eat.

    Also The younger the first heart attack occures the less likely the person suffering it lives to have a second one. So eat right live smart and live long.


  8. larry

    Love how you guys show "how it's done". Get on the hood of your car and make it happen!

    You prove how regular guys can craete a business that rips!

    I appreciate how generous you have been with your proven resources. The mini-blasts concept alone, has changed how I get work done. Thanks again, and looking forward to Friday!

  9. Hi Kevin,

    I just wanted to let you know that I just finished the free training videos for The Nitro Blueprint System and I must say that I received a great deal of information in just that which I can use to make myself a true business. I hope you are offering a payment plan for this Blueprint for those of us with limited funds, because I would very much love to have this all inclusive training series.

    But even if I cannot afford to purchase the Blueprint, I have gained a lot of actionable information from going through the free content. Thanks so much for that.

    Take care,


  10. Hello, I enjoyed your video on the hood.
    I love it, I love it, I love it.

    I ordered your product on the 8th, today is the 15th. It's been a week now. Please overlook my embarassing impatience, question, when will I receive the shipment?

    Also, I've mentioned building this internet business to a friend and told him about putting his product/information into my framework and I'd take a percentage (40) of his sales. He said he'd like that.

    You have me on file, could you email me and give me the tracking # of my shipment?

  11. Phil

    I don't have a web site or a product, can your system help me?

  12. My take away are the Big 3 Of traffic explained and that I only need to focus on 1 at a time.

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