Blow your nose and Six Apart will make sure ALL your friends know

Okay, so it’s not quite that “next generation”. But Six Apart’s “Blog It” is pretty darn close.

With this new software that is currently a plug-in for Facebook users, you can update all your personal blogs and services (10 are supported including Blogger, WordPress, Blogger, Twitter, Vox, Movable Type, etc.) at once. Then, your web-based social or business network(s) can be instantly informed about your post(s)—using Twitter and Pownce text-messaging services that shout out to all your buddies at once—no matter where they typically follow you on the Internet.

Never has getting a message spread been so rapid…and easy. But what really blows my mind is how connected the whole world is becoming. Yet, I guess “interconnected” might actually be a better word…The implications that this interconnectivity has for web traffic is immense.

In fact, many bloggers are already reporting big increases in traffic from using Blog It. Of course, many of these are currently people that work for the application’s parent company—TypePad. On the other hand, it is not hard to conceive that such a service would—and could—boost the amount of traffic such a personal blog network could attract.

One thing is for sure. The abundance of networking sites (personal, business and “blended”) and marketing within and through these networks seems to be here to stay. Yet, some of the bigger ones like MySpace and Facebook are actually experiencing growth losses while some smaller, more-focused, independents (like Windows Live Spaces) are rising in popularity and effectiveness. The trend seems to be moving toward diversification and segmentation of such communities based on things like demographics, hobbies, interests or industry.

It should be no surprise then that major players in the services and technologies are striving to come up with more and more software integrations like Blog It to dispatch information across multiple platforms quickly and easily—helping to create and achieve “openness”. Smaller newcomers in the social networking technology services and applications are trying to get their hands on a piece of this profit “pie” as well.

Likewise, almost every marketer, corporate professional…and “average-Joe” I know is using and participating in this form of modern-day networking to either generate revenue, increase visibility or to simply stay connected with friends and family. Even major corporations and organizations have profiles on some of the larger ones like Digg.

Therefore, so long as we don’t forget that traffic does nothing without quality content, we probably cannot afford to ignore this trend—or the applications like Blog It that help us to do so with reduced effort. I expect this is only the tip of the iceberg.

– Kim

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