The Absolute Best Type Of Home Based Business

Many people dream of starting their own franchise from home for little to NO cost, and building a 5 figure a month income within a year.

It’s possible to do, and that possibility creates a lot of ‘hype’ to get people sucked in.

This hype is most rampant in the network marketing/MLM industry. They’re all legitimate businesses that work, if done properly. Up until a few years ago, internet marketing strategies were relatively unknown to many Network Marketers.

However, all that is changed and it’s no longer a secret that you can build a MASSIVE network marketing or MLM company for yourself using the internet pretty quickly.

So… the question becomes what’s a better home based business? Network Marketing or information marketing?

First, let’s identify the difference. In network marketing, the product could be something physical or digital (although very rarely), and money is made by the sale of a product AND also by recruiting other sellers of the product, forming your “downline”. You then produce a residual income each time your downline members make a sale.

In information marketing, there is no “downline”. It’s just you and your online system making money from the sale of your product, and that’s it. Sure, you can find affiliates to sell your product that make money for you, but they usually pay you nothing up front to become an affiliate. Unlike network marketing, you ONLY make money if your affiliate sends you a buyer.

Considering these advantages of network marketing, you would think that it’s a far better business model than information marketing. Right?

Not really.

In fact, here are the reasons why information marketing is a MUCH better solution than network marketing.

First, the network marketing company owns the product, NOT you (the member). If the company decides to change the product, discontinue it, or change the price, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Second, you have NO ownership in the company or its brand. If the network marketing company closes its doors (which is VERY common), you’re out of luck. It’s time for you to look for something else to make money with. The same goes if they decide to kick you out of the company for any reason.

Third, once you begin recruiting other sellers to work under you (forming your downline), you have to train them! They are fully depending on YOU to teach them the ropes and deliver on the massive promise you and your company made to them in becoming financially free “overnight”.

Then it all depends on you, your knowledge, your system, and your experience to deliver on that promise to them. You can only imagine the problem this creates when complete “newbies” sponsor their first downline member and have NOTHING to teach that person, after he or she has forked out their hard-earned money to join them.

Other issues involve complaining members, those that pester you non-stop, and those that do absolutely nothing and disappear, ultimately blaming YOU for their failures.

These are all the drawbacks of joining and running a network marketing business.

Now don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very good solution for complete beginners in business. The cost to entry is extremely low and there’s very little risk in network marketing. You don’t even need to create the product and you don’t need to carry the inventory.

But you must consider the major drawbacks I just discussed.

Information marketing, on the other hand, offers the same exact benefits of network marketing or MLM. It’s direct sales, and it offers a way to build a passive income stream for you very quickly (if you put in the proper work initially). The sky truly is the limit on how much you can make and how fast you can make it.

On top of that, you’ll have REAL ownership in your company, it will be your brand so no one can “fire” you or kick you out, you don’t have to depend on dead-beat downline members to make money for you, you NEVER have to put with any complaining, blaming or creating headaches for you, and you don’t need to train anyone.

Customer service issues can always be handled painlessly because YOU are the decision maker and owner of the company.

Affiliates typically want to sell your product for themselves and they already have an idea of what to do. There’s no agreement that you have to train them or teach them anything.

Information marketing is a home based business model that gives you true ownership of a real asset, unlike MLM. Any of the disadvantages associated with it can be overcome, and products like the Nitro Blueprint System aim to eliminate them completely.

The biggest hurdle is often creating the right product to sell, but even THAT can be done almost effortlessly, and the Nitro Blueprint System teaches you exactly how.

Learn more about how to build the wisest and most effective home based business anyone can build here:

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