A Marketing Tool Strong Enough To Get NFL Head Coaches Fired!

If you haven’t utilized this tool for your marketing yet, then you’re really missing out. NFL Head Coaches BEWARE…

The right marketing tool can have a huge impact on your lead generation and sales, but it can also make or break your credibility with your prospects.

And if you haven’t heard of Jim Fassel, he is a former head coach that led his team to the Super Bowl in 2001, and then lost his job a few years later (such is the harsh reality of professional sports).

Recently, Fassel got another chance to become the head coach for another team.

He didn’t get the job much to many people’s surprise.

But according to Fassel, what was single-handedly responsible for costing him the chance to become a head coach again…?


In a recent article, here’s what Jim Fassel had to say about losing the race for the new head-coaching job:

“You know, you cannot hold the lead in these jobs in major markets… because you’ve got BLOGGERS, and they’re saying ‘No, this isn’t the right guy, and that ain’t the right guy’…”

Now, if this doesn’t open your eyes to the power of using blogs for your marketing, then I don’t know what will. They’re effective enough now to (supposedly) cost NFL head coaches their jobs, and open doors for other ones.

Go explain that one to ESPN.

Now, by no means are we advocating using blogs to destroy someone’s credibility. But they’re powerful enough to establish your leadership and earn you great respect in your market place.

It’s true that prospects are always eyeing you with skepticism, and they’re not completely sure if what you’re telling them or selling them is for real.

But when you shine in their eyes, they’ll follow you. You become their leader and problem solver. And blogs create a great way to let you do this.

They allow your readers to place comments and provide feedback, which FORCES you to provide high quality content that people will want to read and comment on.

In turn, your readers will respect you more and buy from you.

And since your blog is dynamic, it’s always changing with new articles and quality information. More good quality, updated content means more love and respect from the search engines!

Can you say “free traffic”?

– Shiraz

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