7 Success Killers

Which One Of These 7 Online Success Killers Are

ROBBING You From Your Online Success?

Press the PLAY triangle button on the video below to discover the 7 Online Success Killers.

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183 Responses to 7 Success Killers
  1. AL

    Hi Kevin,

    To make a long statement short; a little of everything you say in the 7 success killer stories. I have a few affiliate products and just need internet training to really make it work, that's just one!
    Time is the next important factor which I like to know more about saving.
    And much more!!



  2. Florence

    Kevin, I want a business that will give me family time whilst earning me a full time income. I am not yet fully clear of what market to target though i have an idea. All i have at the moment is the determination, nothing else. This is a very new area for me.

  3. David

    Thanks for opening up for comments. Feedback is heaven!

    I suffer from 1-4.

    The biggest is my desire to penny pinch and get it all right the first time. "If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right" and "Do it right the first time and you won't have to do it again" are maxims I took too much to heart.

    Who wants to get stuck selling the wrong product, after you've spent so much time branding and deciding this was *it*? Who wants to get stuck with the wrong host, or the wrong email autoresponder? One little misunderstood line of small print, and you might have to start all over 3 months later! And while you're trying to get it right and have all the parts work together, you've spent $100's, money is dwindling close to nothing, and the wife is getting redder every day…

    Wait! You forgot the upsell! You forgot the squeeze page! You don't have video! You're leaving huge bucks on the table, you idiot! And what you're getting back, isn't covering costs!!

    And I get most of the way done with something, only to find out that I missed one little step… whoops, one BIG step there! So back to the skipped step, and change everything after it, once more.

    Good luck with your launch! Though I'm sure its success will be due to much more than luck.)

  4. Mary Martha Pazos

    Dear Matt and Kevin,

    Congratulations on a great job of choosing the contest winners. It must have been a difficult task, and your choices are excellent.

    At the same time, I feel proud that you used MY letter in yesterday's emails as an example of reader feedback. Thank you.

    Good luck to the 500! (I live in Venezuela, where President Chavez has imposed a dollar restriction, so I won't be signing on THIS time around.) May all of your projects bear fruit.


    Mary Martha

  5. My #1 problem is lack of sales. I am getting enough traffic but my conversion rates stink. I have somewhat mastered the art of traffic through video and feel confident that I can achieve thousands of visits daily. But I have backed off on the traffic effort due to poor sales. Any help Guys?
    Warmest Regards
    Rusty G. Parrish

  6. Dany

    Well, I don't quite know where to begin with.
    I do not have a product idea, but one that I actually am selling offline, and as I see it – this is not the kind of product to sell online – only promote – but requires agents/franchisees to sell internationally – this is a product as a service, that excells in what it does – we are dominating our local market, but wish to grow abroad.
    I have tried thinking about new e-products, but am overwhelmed.
    Going to the IM niche seems not so smart (esp. as a beginner) – and looking for new niches that I can say I am an expert in…hmmm – I can't see any…

  7. Jacquelyn

    Listbuilding is my biggest challenge. I would appreciate precise directions.

  8. tj

    BY the WAY, who are the winners of this promise below:???

    "The WINNERS will be chosen on Monday, Oct 13th. The winners will receive $1,397 in REAL prizes."

    Will be interested to know.


    Hi TJ, you can fine the winners listed on this blog post:

  9. If you had a real live computer blooper (thats me) to train in the art of internet marketing and he was successful in obtaining sales, "What" first class free advertising will it be for you.When everyone knows of his success through Nitro-Marketing training him.(talk about the "WOW" Factor!)

    Many more Nitro….

    …. click days, Kerry.

  10. Elouise Lord

    All of the 7 killers affect me to some degree, but by far the worst is fear. I can write good copy if I don't think about writing copy. I can send out ads if I don't think too hard about where or what program to use. I am always afraid of making a mistake and losing sales, but I have realized I can't lose sales that I don't get through not advetising. It is vicious circle that I am having difficulty getting out of. I once thought that I would just fly out of it on my own, but that is not happening.

  11. Peggy

    Whats holding me back. A combination of the above! However the main thing would be the one on one mentor, I learn better with someone sitting with me showing me what to do as they tell me the why, and I am doing it at the same time with them.

  12. Vickie, you are so right. I worried if I have my auto responder set up right and coaching in the process. I have paid for this service for three months and I know it works but to have it set right.

  13. I love to see the video at home but dial up connection is slow and I have to make time to go to the local library.

  14. I have a website that has pretty strong copy on and when people get there the conversion is high. However I find it hard to drive high volumes of qualified traffic. If you can help with that I will be extremely gretful!


  15. The number of comments here sure are testament to the need for your product.. not fair that folks who aren't making any money themselves are instructing others how to do it. No wonder there is a 90 or 95% failure rate. Your professional programs that have been proven to work is what internet marketers need.

    The key to success is to know WHAT to do and then to DO IT!

  16. Bob

    Info overload is a big problem everything has been done many times over on the net. Finding a good original money making idea is tough but can be done.

    This is what I am doing:

    1. Stop purchasing internet marketing courses, ebooks…
    2. Unsubscribe from most email newsletters.
    3. Find only one good idea and work on it a little everyday.


  17. Great video. Thanks! For me the first one really applies big time. When starting out, we usually can't afford to outsource. So, being overwhelmed is quite common, I think. This is where setting priorities come in.

  18. I haven't tried lately but in the past I have tried to JV but was unable to do so.

  19. You are so right but it is hard for newbies and they are the ones that needs coaching and re insurance.

  20. I agree with peggy, everyone like to be successful but when new in the business, we do need coaching. Sometimes, we need to start earning to be able to afford other requirement or server because our investment is limited.

  21. Hi info and income seekers one n all … strange as it may seem the internet is not really an easy place to earn the extra income as most folks are led to believe and as many find out after a few months of trying, at first it seems to be easy when the thought first enters the mindset and with all the opportunities that already exist as we are bombarded with offers of get rich quick and its ever so easy schemes every time we switch on to the web

    And then as the time trying goes by its does not get any easier as we soon come to realize so my advice to any one who sees this page is simply this! give this offer above a try until you make your first sale don't go from opportunity to the next opportunity stick with this offer until it works out … then you will be months even years ahead of most wannabes who simply give up? after spending to much time trying to many offers …

    All my best to you and your right decision's
    Wilson Cowden

  22. Arthur

    Hola Spanish Lady

    you said "…I am willing to pay the price for the learning but, I dont know who is selling what I need.."

    well, if you are able to communicate with others and really want to do it you don't need to find anyone who sells stuff!

    the only price you'll have to pay is your time and commitment

    internetconstructor [at] gmail.com

  23. If you're not converting your traffic to buyers or mailing list members you need to look at the relevancy of your sales copy.

    eg, if your traffic is coming from pay per click that has "search engine marketing" in the keywords, you need to have them land on a page that is SPECIFICALLY about search engine marketing.

    It's all about getting highly qualified traffic. It's ok if your traffic is coming from many places and have slightly different focus, just design a landing page for each one and you're sure to increase your conversions.

    Hope this helps!


  24. Some interesting results yet none that I wouldn't have expected. I did a similar study (though not as long) and the answers found were pretty consistent with your own although not necessarily in the order of your own findings. #1 was too much information to swallow. They latched onto a "guru" they thought would lead them to the promised land. Purchased all of their products and now don't know were to begin.

  25. Janice M

    Yes you are 100% correct I'm overwhelmed.

  26. Linda Rein

    Yes, I agree with all of the above. I've tried it all.

  27. Larry

    Yes to success killer number 7. I spent mucho money and did not get the support I was told I would recieve and in my opinion, steered down the wrong direction, from Jeff Paul's personnel trainer.

  28. I love your system. I need help to set up and design my website and get it going. Do you think you can help me?

    I have just created my website and am overwhelmed by not knowing what to do next, how to set it up, how to get traffic to my site, how to build an email list, and most of all how to get people go to my website and buy. I have ten websites whose products have not made any sales.

    Hi Assumpta, yes having a following a step-by-step system like Nitro Blueprint System that shows you what to do and when to get the results you want is critical. Otherwise, like you are experiencing, there are so many things you could be doing it becomes overwhelming.

  29. Diane

    I think you are wonderful. I loved every bit of this. My husband thinks like you. He says all these thousands of words is just "talk" about the same thing and after hours of reading and listening you are so confused by it all that you want to throw your hands up and say, "why did I even think I could do this"? He thinks its all crap and its their way of getting you to spend the money and then they leave you hanging after you get started.

  30. watched yuor vid. my no.1 killer….procrastination, no.2 not enough time in my day after work to get the help i need; it's there; but not when i get home from my 10 – 12 hour day! the overwhelming material to get started and no.3; although i'm not completely computer illiterate, i'm no guru either. i'm hoping your 2nd vid helps me sort thru this maze of informational highways and to focus better.

  31. Attailt

    emm.. interesting..

  32. emm.. luv it

  33. I would say tons of people just don't get it and don't do the small things. They could be very successful, but they neglect to do the tiny things that help a business go far.

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