6 Brain Hacks To Help You Create More Content Than You Know What To Do With

Wanted to share this excellent guest post with you because the morning ritual Jordan describes took my daily productivity to the next level. I now do 1 hour of creative work first thing in the morning.

I've gradually trained myself to wake up earlier (around 7am), go to the bathroom and get a drink a water, then sit down at my computer in a completely dark room, put on my headset and turn on FocusAtWill.com and go straight to my most important creative work.

For local marketing this could be writing new marketing material for a prospecting campaign, documenting systems and procedures for your business, mapping out a new service offering, creating a project plan, or any high value important activity in your business. (The 3 Stages of Local Success post does a great job explaining your most important activities.)

This 1 hour has become my favorite part of the day, it ensures I get my most important work finished for that day, and makes for an even more productive rest of the day.

After the hour is over, I will then go through my normal morning routine as I talked about in this previous post.

And FYI, Jordan's focus is helping male entrepreneurs (but applies to anybody) to have highly effective, rewarding, "level 10" relationships with their significant others. He's extremely good at what he does and I read everything he puts out the same day its released. Highly recommend following him.


Hello Nitro readers!

Kevin, being the good friend that he is, reached out to me and asked me to tell his readers how I produce so much content.

Having tested and hacked my way through my mind, I’ve found quite a few high leverage ways to get a ton of writing done.

Quick backstory on me… I’m a relationship coach for entrepreneurs and I’ve been in this line of work for just over six years. About two years ago I realized that I could do marketing past word-of-mouth referrals. So I started a website and started writing. It didn’t come very naturally to me at first (at all) but I ended up getting really good at it. And by good I mean I pump out a ton of valuable content that my audience loves… whether it’s technically “good” writing is totally subjective (and irrelevant for the topic of this post).

[Note From Kevin: Last year Jordan wrote 5 books, created 3 video courses and wrote over 100 articles/blog posts that got over 2 million viewers, which was his second year with his online business.]

So here’s what I’m going to do… I’m going to break down the highest leverage hacks I have found that work really well for how my mind works. This system has also worked wonders for several of my writer/marketer friends across multiple industries.

Without further ado, here are the six biggest things that I’ve learned are uber-important when it comes to pumping out massive amounts of valuable content for your unique audience.

1. You Have To Believe In What You’re Writing About

This is so essential that it had to be stated first.

People ask me all the time “How do you so consistently pump out viral content? Where do you get all of your ideas come from? Where do you find the energy?!”

And my answer is always the same “I write because I can’t not write. I’m so passionate about my subject that it’s essentially always on my mind. My mind doesn’t really have an off-switch when it comes to this topic.”

So if you’re finding yourself dragging your heels when it comes to content creation, first make sure that you actually like the subject matter that you’re trying to write about, and then make sure that you feel connected to your audience and what their main pain points are. Without those two things firmly in place the following five tips won’t do a whole heck of a lot for you.

2. You’re Either A Morning Person, Or A Night Person – Use It To Your Advantage

Personally, I write best in the morning.

I wake up around 4:00 every morning (without an alarm clock) and I sit up in my bed with my gadgets on my head (that I’ll get into momentarily) and I start writing.

I love writing at 4am because the sun isn’t up yet, so it’s dark and quiet. I feel like I’m getting one over on the world by being so productive before most people within my time zone have woken up. I even like to envision that I’m tapping into a big magical resource of creative energy that no one else has started to sip from yet.

It might take some testing to find out what your ideal time of day is to get your writing done, but in my experience and the experience of my clients, at least 80% of the time it’s either the early, quiet part of the morning, or the later, quiet part of the evening.

Test it out for yourself and see when you’re the most mentally alert and excited to write.

3. What To Do With Your Eyes

Depending on whether or not you are more productive in high or low stimulation environments (aka busy coffee shop vs. by yourself in your home at 4am) you’ll want to do one of two things with your eyes while you’re writing.

If you prefer lower stimulation, I find that writing when it’s dark out with your computer screen on the lowest brightness setting possible works best.

If you prefer higher levels of stimulation, then going bare-eye in a bustling late night coffee shop with lots of movement might work better for your content output.

The vast majority of the writers that I know like to have the least amount of visual distractions as possible and therefore tend to do their best writing at home.

4. What To Do With Your Ears

Again this point will largely depend on whether you prefer high or low stimulation environments to trigger your productivity.

If you prefer lower stimulation then you can do one or several of the following things…

– Buy a $20 pair of construction ear covers (the higher the decibel count the better – I work with -33 decibel covers over my ears). Whether you’re working from home, in a coffee shop, on an airplane, or anywhere else where sound happens (i.e. everywhere) these will be a life saver for your productivity if you are sensitive to auditory distractions.

– Put earbuds in with low level binaural beats and put your ear covers on over top of those

– Make sure to remove any and all distractions that are within your control (go offline, turn off the digital pings that you might be getting from Facebook, iMessage, etc.)

– If you want to really make your head into a brick box of quiet… you can invest in getting fitted/moulded -30db ear plugs to put inside of your ears, and then put the construction ear covers over top of those. At this point you’ll have over -60 decibels removed from your environment, and even if you’re writing content on an airplane, you’ll barely even hear a quiet hum.

If you prefer higher levels of stimulation then you can do one or several of the following things…

– Listen to binaural beats to trigger your mind into focusing at will (check out FocusAtWill.com or Holosync.com for examples of solid binaural beats that you can write to)

– Listen to your favourite style of music at higher levels within noise cancelling headphones (to do the least damage to your ears and to annoy the people around you the least). Or you can always just listen to music in your ear buds with construction ear covers over top of those (like the ones mentioned above)

– Or if you prefer the sound of chatter, then simply go to the busiest coffee shop you can find and remove any barriers between you and the noise around you.

5. What To Do With Your Schedule

In my biased opinion, your content creation schedule should be just as non-negotiable as basic self-care (eating, bathing, etc.).

It’s such an integral part of marketing and brand building that to go for extended periods of time without it is like cutting off your revenue (at worst), or weakening your writing muscles (at best).

I personally write every single day in the morning for at least an hour. Now, I’m probably more obsessive than most and I get emotional fulfillment out of writing so this plan might be unsustainable for you.

What I would recommend, especially if you’re relatively new to writing or you simply never received that much enjoyment out of it, would be to commit to a two or three session per week schedule. Even something simple like ‘every Tuesday and Thursday morning/night’, or ‘every Monday/Wednesday/Friday morning/night’ could do huge things for your businesses growth.

Remember, the more you write, the more you’ll start to love writing, the more value your customers will be getting, the more referrals you’ll be getting, and the more rewarding your business will be.

6. Become More Sensitive To What You Need Individually

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all method for triggering peak levels of productivity when it comes to content creation.

I wake up at 4am every single day (except vacations), listen to quiet levels of binaural beats while wearing construction grade ear covers, and have my screen on the dimmest brightness setting possible.

Maybe some or none of those things will work for you.

So just like in marketing… test, test, test! Use the above points as a starting point of different things that you can A-B test in your life.

Become more sensitive to what it is that precisely gives you the optimal working conditions for your creative mind to thrive. It might take a week or two to really dial in, but it will pay massive dividends for your business and it’s entire growth trajectory.

That’s it for today.

If you’re curious about reading some of my 150+ articles, or my handful of books on sex and intimate relationships for high achievers, you can check them out on my site, or on Amazon.

I wish you the best of luck in your journey.

Jordan Gray



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    Happy 2015 amigo!

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