3 Stages of Local Marketing Success

This training video walks you through the 3 very distinct stages EVERYBODY goes through as a local marketer.

It is a MUST WATCH training for anybody even remotely serious about being successful in this business.

It’s 5 years of experience seeing 1000’s of people have success boiled down into what really matters.

While you are watching, use this summary to follow along with the 3 Stages.




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11 Responses to 3 Stages of Local Marketing Success
  1. Stage 1 – Hustle
    Offline Product mix
    Clearly defined action plan

  2. 1, Hustle
    2. Can I do both Local and Online concurrently and still be focused enough to be successful at both?
    3. Deciding on and commiting to the ONE thing will be my top business priority for 2015?

    Thanks Kevin … this has been the single most important video I have seen since emgarking on this hourney!

  3. Joe Spann

    1.Beginning of Hustle Stage
    2.Training area to focus on?
    3.Business Structure incl. website

  4. 1. Beginning Stage 1 for Local Business Clients

    2. How do you find Local Business Clients and Approach them?

    3. Most important action item deciding which services to offer local clients. Do I need to outsource these services if I don't have the expertise myself?

  5. Russell

    1. Phase I
    2. How do you stay motivated in Phase I enough to keep that momentum going and stay committed without getting discouraged if you're not seeing the results coming as quickly in Phase I?
    3. Hustling

  6. 1. Hustling
    2. a.How do I stay motivated and keep going, especially where I'm on an island in the Caribbean with a relatively small population and different culture (from the US).
    2. b. How to properly target businesses and approach them
    3. Deciding which service to offer them

  7. Thanks for the great advice, as we’re trying really hard to grow our small healthcare compliance firm. It seems that there is just so much information online about Internet marketing, too overwhelming at times, that it’s nice to read a simple, straightforward post with some good advice. I have no experience with Internet marketing, so I was flying blind for some time, but hoping to gain some clarity in getting our website to rank better. What I find amazing – and challenging – are all the .edu and .gov website that are ranked so high in the search engine results. It seems like it’s going to be a tall order in trying to pass these websites up, but I guess time will tell.

  8. Kevin, great post. We don't do much in the way of local campaigns, but I appreciate the information. Just wanted to add that one of the very best tried and true method for enhanced search engine rankings is still content marketing. The more content a website has, the more pages the search engines will index, providing more web copy to be search for and found by online searchers. It’s a domino effect that works incredibly well. Social media and many other aspects of Internet marketing have their place – no question about it – but content marketing still delivers almost better than any other strategy. The only real challenge is finding the time, energy and resources for authoring high-quality, professionally developed material, as good writers can be hard to find, even internally within companies.

  9. Great stuff on clarity. Thanks Kevin.

  10. Looking forward to joining your training and support!

  11. I'm transitioning from stage 1 to Stage 2
    I don't have a question, because your training has helped me identify what I need to do to so I can scale. Thank You
    Follow the coaching I have and get my system better optimized so I can almost automate my business.
    Great Training

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