Competition In Local Marketing – Good Or Bad?

Over my 6 years of being involved in the local marketing training industry and having helped 1,000’s of people become a successful local marketing consultant, the #1 concern I’ve seen people have is over “Competition”.

If this is something you worry about as well, this post, based on 6 years of real-world experience, will be extremely helpful for you!

Earlier this week, one of our Local Mastery Academy Coaching members sent my the following email about “competition.”

“I'm going to go through the Cosmetic Surgery Blueprint now, but my fear is that a bunch of people are going to buy the product and we'll have an army of people doing the exact same thing.”

NOTE:  In this case, its specific to our new course, however you can swap out the name of the course for ANY course, program, software or tactic in our industry.

I’m going to guess, at some point in time, you have felt this way before about our industry and also the programs you are investing in to be more successful in this industry.

It’s Totally Normal!

Don’t worry, it’s totally normal to feel that way.

In fact, when I first got involved in this industry I 100% felt that way myself!!

And what I’ve found over the past 6 years is its also its totally NOT an issue out in the real world when doing this business.

If I ever felt teaching proven real-world strategies to empower others to be successful would create competition for ourselves or our customers, then I would be crazy to keep teaching them.

That’s because the biggest impact would be us (Ed and myself) since what we are teaching is 100% based on what we are doing ourselves in our own agencies.

But also, it would be completely out of integrity of teaching something that results in less success for people as more people (within reason) are doing it.

The Actual View From The Top
(And The Trenches)

Let’s add some real world context to this for you.

Having been involved in this industry for the past 6 years (both doing it myself and also teaching it to others), I have a unique view of the industry from the top of the mountain and also in the trenches.

My Own Irrational Fear!!

The first time we shared the local marketing business model, way back in 2009 with what became Local Business Money Machine (LBMM for short), the plan was to do it 1-time because we were afraid teaching it to too many people would create competition for ourselves.

For 3 months after we released LBMM we had fierce debates if it was going to be a 1-time thing or would we keep teaching the business to more people.

I was 100% in the “keep it to ourselves” camp because, just like you, I had the irrational “competition” fear.

Luckily, due to a combination of my team getting me to see the bigger picture and also seeing the MASSIVE results of our students with this new business model (within 30 days over 25% of the members were already making money).

We decided to move forward teaching it because, based on reality, it was never going to be an issue.

Why “Competition” Is False?

When you look at the size of the local marketing industry, just in the US, its at least $18 billion (or more) and has double digit yearly growth.

Our first course, Local Business Money Machine, had around 2,000 total people purchase it over a 2 year period.

Sounds like a lot!

But, is it really?

If 100% of those 2,000 people each created a $100,000 a year business following the program, that would still only be 1% of the total market.

Even in an ideal world where everybody follows through with a program, it barely nicks a teeny-tiny dent into the total market.

In hindsight, it was extremely ego driven of myself to think one course could fundamentally change an industry this massive (and lucrative).

Personally, its a HUGE relief to know that my fundamentally flawed irrational fear of too much competition (by having a small group of people following a specific training program) was complete hogwash.

That means I can confidently and passionately share what’s working in our businesses with all of you, to FULLY empower you to be wildly and insanely successful, knowing it will have virtually ZERO impact on myself or anybody else in our community.

Embrace Abundance

Yes, you, Ed, myself and everybody in our community can 100% embrace living from a place of abundance, giving and empowerment for our fellow local marketers.

Versus being stingy, greedy and hoarding miserable misers of “the secrets” because we buy into a fear based view of the industry.

Other Real World Examples

Hands down the largest concentration of local marketers from LBMM were in Dallas because I lived there and did a monthly social event at my house for 100’s of entrepreneurs in Dallas – many of which went on to get involved in local marketing.

There were AT LEAST least 50 people actively doing the business in Dallas, and rarely did they run into each other doing the business.

Instead, they formed a monthly mastermind where they would collaborate and work together and embrace the ABUNDANCE mindset instead of the fear based competition mindset.

100’s Of The Same Book

Also our Done-For-You Book program (the Easy Button Book program) where you have a professionally written book on online local marketing that positions you as an expert – easily the best marketing tool you can have in your arsenal. The first version of the program, it was the same book for everybody but with a unique title and cover.

NOTE: We now have several semi and fully customized book options you can get as well.

Ed from the day we released this program, has used his book extensively in his marketing (no wonder he went on to have tremendous success in the business.)

He has given out 100’s of copies (he now has a fully customized original version he had created for himself).

And, with over 200 other members of the program, the fear based competition mindset kicks in with this extreme fear that countless business owners will freak out because they “find out” you have the same book as somebody else.

Totally normal knee-jerk reaction.

But, in the real world, its ludicrous and if that is your reason for not using a proven program you are robbing yourself of greater level of success with less effort.

Out of the 100’s and 100’s of copies Ed has gotten into business owners hands, only once did a business owner receive a similar copy from somebody else. (That’s a minuscule .003% level of competition!!)

Cosmetic Blueprint Competition

That brings me to what originally triggered me to write this blog post, to share the TRUTH about the competition myth, is competition going to be an issue if there are 100 other people who also invest in the Cosmetic Surgery Blueprint program?

Hopefully by now you know the answer is absolutely zero impact on you or the other members.

The market is too big.

Last year, in the US alone, the Cosmetic Procedure industry did over $15 billion in sales. YOWZERS!

And, to make a $250,000 a year income, you only need 10 clients, not 100 or even 1,000 clients.

Don’t worry, in the world of local marketing there is a MASSIVE pie big enough for all of us to have our own Million Dollar Slice out of it.

And, in the Cosmetic Surgery niche, there is also its own  MASSIVE pie big enough for all of us to have our own Million Dollar Slice out of it.

Move forward with confidence and abundance and don’t let the (totally normal) fear based mindset of “competition” get in the way of the success you are destined for today and every day moving forward.



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