My First Mentor’s 3 Most Important Lessons

His name was David and he was the first mentor I ever had.

Somehow I was lucky that this kind, smart, patient, fun-loving, self-made millionaire saw more in me then I saw in myself… especially when I was a broke, struggling, unconfident, low self-esteem 22 year old trying to become a successful entrepreneur.

I will forever be grateful for the impact he had in my life, and the lessons he passed down to me.

And looking back there are 3 BIG lessons that he instilled in me that you can find in every successful entrepreneur.

Each one ended up becoming a “mantra” that I could always go back to, repeat to myself and remind myself when I got off track.

Now its my time to pass these lessons and mantras onto you!

And don’t worry, I also find myself not following one or more of these lessons. Every time I discover myself not living one of these, my business is always off track as well. I’m human just like you!


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